Week 73 – More paint spraying, white paint samples..plus go big or go home….!

And so, this week we finished all the undercoat painting, and we used Express Coat by Valspar from B&Q. This one can be used on fresh plaster and doesn’t need watering down, always a bonus!

The downstairs took around 4 hours for 110 metre squared which isn’t bad going at all! I do love this paint sprayer, the finish is pretty flawless and you could almost just leave this undercoat as is, but we have a whole lotta colours in mind so that’s the next job!

And oh my goodness, the white paint decisions have been some of the hardest. I actually read an article about this and apparently, because there are so many undertones when it comes to white paint, it can be much more difficult to choose compared to colours.

We had thought we were going to go with Blackened from Farrow and Ball, however when we sampled it on the actual wall it looked a little too grey for us and probably wouldn’t flow with the other colours.

Then we were thinking maybe Ammonite or Wevet but we were still a little unsure. And so, because we are sick of pretty much living in B&Q ha! We bought a few more samples and tried them out in the car park…as you do! And after all the messing around, decided to go with Strong White for the hallway and landing. This is a grey based white and looks fab against Crittall…something which we will be having. And Wimbourne White in the open plan kitchen area. This is a white with yellow undertones and looks really fresh, and can work well with colours such as India Yellow, a colour we are looking to incorporate into the open plan colour scheme…watch this space!

And with that we made a start on the finished coats! Eek that is so strange to say. And, because we are so logical ha, we are going to start with the whites and lightest colours, using the paint sprayer, and work our way down in the dark stakes! We’ve also come up with a little list based on where the same colours will go etc. so we’re not cleaning the machine unnecessarily.

We have started with the Wimbourne White, and then next week, we should hopefully do most of the colours!

Plus we’ve decided to be a little daring with the lower wall on the landing and use something pretty bold to make it a feature in all the white…

We think Charlotte’s Locks might be the winner, looking forward to trying it out properly and hey its just paint, we can always change it, if it doesn’t work out…


Caz and Andy x

Week 72 – The paint spraying has begun..plus staining wood and another light!

It is so strange to be at a stage where it is down to us and the progress is actually ours to control…mu ha ha! And it is quite simply, based on how proactive or lazy we are feeling on any given week ha!

And so this week Andy’s been sanding more of the unfinished Oak parquet blocks and then giving them a stain to check we are happy with the finish….we are thinking of having this throughout the house mainly because we haven’t found a finished parquet we have liked

Plus these blocks are so versatile and the floor will be an original parquet floor pretty much!

After three stains…

As you can see the before and after is pretty good, and as we want the bevelled edge, the sanding has worked well so far…

This is the stain below, however we will be using a wax as well to make sure it is super sealed! It does actually say on the the tin that it isn’t suitable for floors but I think it is more because of the potential high traffic, and so going with a wax as a top coat should be the way to go..we just need to decide on one! Once we’ve had a good play around I’ll do a more detailed post.

Plus another light, and this one is for Andy’s ensuite, he just can’t decide how many to use. He actually has 9 potential spotlights in this room but he might go with 3 of these and the rest a more standard spotlight…

How cool do they look in situ……

And we did some window prep upstairs ready for paint spraying!!

The Wagner Control Pro 250m is ready to go too….check out our unboxing here…

And B&Q have 3 for 2 on paint at the moment which couldn’t have come at a better time!

Plus we realised that we needed a whole lot more paint for the first coat than we first thought! We ended up using 60 litres for upstairs! However, as we are using a paint sprayer, we have been able to avoid two coats…

What do you think to our outfits?! Suited and booted as they say!

And we are so pleased and relieved as to how easy it has been to use, and therapeutic might I add! The prep took longer than the actual painting in all fairness..

Check out how we are getting on so far in our YouTube video below.

Next up downstairs paint spraying!


Caz and Andy x

Week 71 – Site Progress!

Annnnddddd the plastering is now finished woop!! All done by Friday and now it’s just drying out before we start painting next weekend…eek! The plasterer said we could probably leave it just a few days before making a start on the painting, but we think we’ll wait…patience is key ha!

Love love love the landing area…this is going to be fun to paint though!

And we paid a visit to B&Q to buy some window prep masking film…3 packs of 20m should do it!

Plus, we quite like these tiles for the guest ensuite from B&Q, they should work well with microcement walls and also they don’t need sealing..bonus! It feels a little surreal to be actually picking the finishes; We have been planning for so long and bouncing ideas around, its still hard to believe that we’ll be living in the new house soon!

Bargain!! Plus 15% off

And window prepping, we’ve made a start on the fixed windows, but as we want to open windows, to dry the plaster, we’ll wait until the end of the week to do all of the prep….

Quick note as well, we have been experimenting with sanding and staining a parquet unfinished hardwood flooring…the before and after look pretty impressive, however we really need to calculate the time to do this rather than going for a finished wood…watch this space for more!


Caz and Andy x

Week 70 – Site Progress..plus we have a front door!

Busy week plastering, and wow what a difference it makes! Also Andy has been fitting some of the borgos before plastering in our bedroom…

Super cute!

Plus..the big one…the front door arrived! Yaassss! And wow I love it, I was so nervous that there might be something wrong with it or the colour might not be quite right, but it’s perfect!

And now for the cover up while we do all the messy jobs…its ready for Halloween ha!

Loving our bedroom/dressing room/ensuite….

And, one of the plasterers can actually do microcement too. If you are unfamiliar with this, it gives a similar finish to the plaster. I actually love the peachy tones of the plaster so I might have something along these lines in my ensuite, together with terrazzo tiles (siena finish)

And we’re going to do the guest ensuite in one of the greys…just need to pick one! It is around £80 per square metre

And that’s it for another week! Week 71 should see the completion of the plastering and then we can make a start on the painting once the plaster has dried out. Andy’s uncles’ farmer friend should be dropping off a skip this week too so we can get rid of all the rubbish outside…cannot wait to do this!


Caz and Andy x

Kitchen decisions..

So! We have changed our minds numerous times when it comes to the kitchen and the utility..if you have seen our Instagram over the past year you will see the odd “decision made” post ha!

From Wren to Howdens to diy kitchens…we couldn’t quite decide on something that was “us”. We began with copper, handleless simple style doors from Wren, but because we didn’t really love the end design, we then moved onto shaker from Howdens because this is a little more timeless right?! Maybe with some antique brass handles too..

But then colour was an issue, if you have looked for kitchens yourselves, it can be quite difficult to find custom painted options, and as we have both fallen in love with the inchyra blue colour from farrow & ball…for lots of different places in our house might I add(!) We then looked to diy kitchens… blog post

And that was it…sorted!! But I still wasn’t sure about the shaker, I don’t know why, I just wasn’t wowed by it, maybe its just because its all over instagram perhaps. And then, after watching “Ugly house to lovely house”….if you haven’t watched it, it’s great for design ideas by the way! I fell in love with one of the kitchens…

This simple slab design with (they are called) Ladbroke handles are so in keeping with our style and so we were on the hunt again! And this time from a company called Naked Kitchens

Now, with this company, there is an option to buy just the doors and fit them to pretty much any cabinet…say Howdens or Ikea

So we then decided to look at Ikea options, for all things cabinetry and there are some big pros to going down this route. For one, no lead times, you can pretty much order your cabinets, integrated storage etc. and have it delivered within days, plus if you miss anything you can always pay the store a visit!

We’ve read lots of good things online too with regards to cabinetry and the quality and they also have kitchen consultation appointments as well as a great online 3D tool system to help guide you along the way…

Some negatives though…cabinet sizes, there aren’t as many size and height options as some of their competitors. Plus the kitchens are flat packed so that might be an issue for some people as well as all the multiple pre drilled holes in the cabinets, I’m not a big fan of those!

But, having paid the store a visit, and browsing the options I think they are a good contender if you are looking for a new kitchen. There are black internal cabinetry options too which look super slick! 

Sheffield Ikea

And so, to compare, we went to the naked kitchens showroom as well…which is in Norfolk by the way…some what of a distance from South Yorkshire! And loved the doors immediately. Plus their own colour “Branchester Blue” is pretty much an Inchyra Blue replica so that was the doors sorted!

Which led us to our final decision…cabinetry, is it to be Naked Kitchens or Ikea? This was a difficult one, but having visited the Naked Kitchen showroom, some of the integrated storage looked so good, and yes it is inside a cupboard but we will no doubt be opening them on a regular basis ha! I was pretty much sold once we had visited the showroom, however it is much more expensive, if you are looking at your options. Ikea, for example would have been about £4k for the kitchen and utility without doors, whereas Naked Kitchens will be approx £15k (without appliances)

Pierhouse Blue

Also…we have decided to go with this mustard colour in the utility, it looks so good against the Branchester blue in the showroom!

Colour options but there are also custom paint options available

When it comes to ordering, they do offer a rendering service for £500 (half of which you will get back if you order a kitchen with them) and includes a full design and quote, however we have already had numerous designs made so we were pretty confident with the layout.

Good old sketch up has worked wonders for us as well, on our self build journey! Visualising and deciding where to position the handles was a must! That was probably the most difficult decision. We are just unsure on the backsplash hmm!

Not quite the mustard colour for the utility but you get the idea, maybe with some shelves too..

And once you have put together your basket online, if you send over your quote number to one of the team, they can check over your basket against any plans before you order

One more thing to add, Naked Kitchens make their kitchens on site too and can really make your kitchen to your individual taste, mixing up different styles or incorporating different accessories

And so, the kitchen is now ordered and will arrive in January..no Christmas move in ha! But no matter, it will be worth it…plus we have a lot of work to do ourselves before we get to that point!


Caz and Andy x

Week 69 – Site Progress! More plasterboard plus floor decisions and a paint sprayer…

Eeekkkk lots more plasterboard this week! And the vaulted ceiling areas are looking fabulous! Wow it is really starting to look like a house. It’s so strange when you live pretty much on “site” and it develops into a home rather than a build project ha!

Andy’s dressing room

Master bedroom, my dressing room and ensuite


And as you can see, we are a little excited!! It’s crazy that we will be painting soon. Oh and a word of advice, cover up any exposed brick because the plasterboard adhesive can get everywhere! Let us be your cautionary tale, luckily we have some brick acid that will get rid of it but still…very annoying!

Speaking of paint spraying, ours arrived this week too and we are looking forward to trying it out..watch this space! We’ll do a review once we’ve finished the painting, I’m hoping it will be a worthwhile purchase and something that we can resell too

Plus flooring decisions! We have known pretty much throughout the build that we wanted a parquet hardwood floor, running through the house but we hadn’t nailed down (excuse the pun!) the actual specifics. And, after visiting a timber floor studios showroom, we have decided to go with this…

It really does look like an original parquet floor and it’s a little easier and more versatile than a typical parquet floor

The wood pieces do not slide into each other and so we will really be able to play around with patterns, but we do love the herringbone pattern with a border

This floor won’t actually be a finished hardwood, it will need to be sanded and stained but we don’t mind the work. And we can choose our own stain which is a positive! The one below is a satin stain but we might try out some others such as Danish possibly…we shall see!

And Andy is pleased with his new laser measure for the kitchen…I’ll make another blog post soon with regards to our kitchen and utility decisions!!

And that’s it for week 69, week 70 should see the majority of the plastering, a tidy up of the soon to be front garden, and the new front door! Eeeeeeekkkkkkkk!


Caz and Andy x

Week 68 – Site Progress! We have plasterboard plus digging up the road…

Busy week, and we managed to do most of the insulation before the plasterers turned up on Thursday! As you can see Andy was loving it….not ha!

And, because we can’t use the electrical cabling from the current house, as it is too old, a new cable is needed to run through to the opposite side of the road….

Luckily it didn’t take long, and they were all done within a couple of days!

And then the plasterers arrived! I was so excited, it’s such a big milestone isn’t it? And it’ll really feel like a home. Plus the paint sprayer should be arriving soon but that’s for another post..

Also I love the smell of plasterboard…is it just me!? And the lower wall on the landing looks so cool now it is plastered. Showing off roof height was a good decision made

And the vaulted ceiling areas upstairs…

Plus the double height too..it will be so bright in the hallway!

And Andy shouldn’t bang his head anymore ha! In our current house, the ceilings are pretty low..surprised he hasn’t hit his head multiple times!

So just a tidy up at the weekend ready for the plasterers coming back on Monday

And we did a little shopping, it’s so strange to actually start seriously considering the interiors! I have to pinch myself that we’ll be moving soon..

These vases definitely have a peacock vibe and I had to snap them up as they were from Primark and you just never know how long they will have stuff in for!

Also, we really need to make some decisions with regards to the kitchen next week! Yes! We’ve come across some gorgeous kitchen doors from a company called naked kitchens and we will be paying them a visit in week 69…we will no doubt do a more detailed post when we decide

And ikea might be an option for the actual cabinetry and internal storage…check out our YouTube for a little more info. And some timelapse!


Caz and Andy x

Week 67 – Site Progress! Lots of little jobs plus insulation..

Another week, and as soon as the screed dried…(it took about 72 hours) we were able to crack on with insulation among other things…

Also, possibly a mixture of moisture in the air from the screed and brushing off some of the salt, has brought the fireplace up a treat! It looks ready for a log burner now ha!

Anyway, Harold has been insulating in the vaulted areas this week ready for plastering to start in week 68

And the plumber has been back to set up the piping for the wall mounted taps…wow I don’t know why we decided to have them everywhere!

Plus the shower too….

And we have had a busy weekend, with insulation, ventilation etc….cue list!!

Luckily managed to get all the little jobs done on Saturday and decided to leave the insulation until Sunday…

Andy had already done some…

One of the little jobs, making a channel through the blocks for the pipe leading to the manifold….

And with a little guidance from the electrician, some ventilation too…

Next up the insulation and the downstairs was pretty straight forward! 100mm thick so not too difficult to saw…

We make a great team ha! I did the cutting and Andy put it up, all in it took about 2 hours

This stuff is super itchy! Definitely wear gloves and cover up if you need to do it yourself…

The upstairs was much more time-consuming..needless to say we only managed a third of the house before it got dark! Two thickness are required for upstairs, 200mm then 100mm and unfortunately we struggled to keep up the 100mm without using batons, so this is going to take some time! Hopefully we can get it done and not delay the plasterers!

Watch this space….


Gifted http://brinno.com/time-lapse-camera/TLC2020


Caz and Andy x

Week 65 and 66 – Site Progress!

Well week 65 was pretty quiet..just a little bit of woodwork and some insulation upstairs…

As you can see, we are pretty much ready to insulate the roof areas, definitely a job for week 67!

Plus check out the peacocks, clearly loving the scaffolding at the front ha!

And they’re getting braver and braver, even paid the old house a visit!

In week 66 we finished off the underfloor in the hallway and downstairs toilet ready for screed!

And Harold finished off the bay windows with the ridge tiles yay! It really does feel like it is all coming together now

Plus lots of insulation was delivered and is ready for week 67 when the screed has dried…

And we had screed on Friday!! It only took them a few hours and look how smooth it is…hmmm good enough to eat ha! Andy was a little nervous in case there were any issues beforehand but everything was spot on and they were able to get screeding as soon as it arrived. They just had one question..where was the most important area for setting the floor height, and in our case it was the bifolds and it needed to be 15mm below the bottom of the door for the finished flooring, which then set the floor height. And so the overall floor would be level with 60 to 70mm of screed

So that’s it for another two weeks! In week 67 we’ll be able to insulate all the roof areas with Harold and then we should be ready for plasterboard and plastering in week 68 yay!


Gifted http://brinno.com/time-lapse-camera/TLC2020


Caz and Andy x

Underfloor heating…DIY project!

Well we certainly had a busy week 64! And it’s definitely enjoyable, being able to do some of the selfbuild tasks ourselves, plus we will have more and more diy projects coming up..exciting times!

What do you think to all the underfloor heating items piled up in the car ha! Should have hired a van!

And the first job involved laying out the plastic dpm layer to protect the insulation from the screed…

Next involved fixing the manifold to the wall in the hallway…

To make sure it was in the right position we used the dimension drawing that came with our design….

Next up edge expansion to allow the screed to expand…

Lola loves to helicopter manage ha!

And this bad boy, the staple gun, made life a lot easier! Manually pressing down staples to secure the pipe would have been very time-consuming!

Next up correctly laying the pipe circuits to the design…how pretty does this look…maybe I’ve been selfbuilding too long ha!

And, after one day we managed 5 of the 9 circuits..not bad going!

More pipe positioning day 2, and we are pretty much done! Aside from the hallway, as the screed is a little delayed, and so we’re holding off so that the builder can move insulation around a little easier!

It certainly looks good, and Lola enjoyed overseeing!

We used conduit to protect the pipe where it exits the screed, and made sure we used pipe stiffeners before pushing each end of the pipe into the manifold…

Living room


Tiki bar

And the pipe will now need filling and pressure testing to make sure it hasn’t been damaged🤞 we were careful to make sure we didn’t overbend and kink the pipe so should be OK.

Plus we’ve put together a youtube video and some timelapse footage for more info.!


Gifted http://brinno.com/time-lapse-camera/TLC2020


Caz and Andy x