Week 33 – Site Progress!

Well it’s been a busy week! The gables are now finished and the chimney isn’t far off plus the roofers have felted the roof now so at least the house is covered if we have any rain yay!

Annddddd the name stones are in….

So so pleased with them! Such a lovely personal touch to the house

The roofers actually started felting Tuesday afternoon and then came back on Saturday to finish….in between that time we had ALOT of snow!!

It did look very pretty though! And not a lot was going on on site anyway!

And just like that the roof is all covered and we couldn’t resist having a play around with the roof tiles! Love these, they are Sandtoft calderdale Edge flat concrete tiles and really work against the brickwork and the portland stone

Not sure if much will happen in week 34, the brickies just need to put the cills in now and finish the chimney so they may be back this week! And then the openings can be measured up for the windows eek! And hopefully the roofers will be back in the next couple of weeks fingers crossed to do the tiling…watch this space!

Week 33 brinno time!


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Caz and Andy x

Front door decided..

Another decision! We have really been going round the houses…so to speak! when it comes to the front door colour, more so than style. We are pretty clear on that! The “tenby solid” is the way to go for us as we feel it is in keeping with the style of the house

We were toying with the idea of having some glass in the door however there will be glass on either side and so solid should look gooooddd….

Colour on the other hand….not so easy! We managed to narrow it down to the teal/blue group but there are SO many variations! We love the teal…

This one in particular is gorgeous! It is a beautiful colour, however it looks so good against the white render and having looked at a darker colour, namely the peacock blue and against an anthracite grey frame, the peacock blue pops a bit more don’t you think? And as we have bricks too and not render I think peacock blue will be just right. Plus hello “peacock blue” its a sign!

And I came across this beauty on etsy, the last one and I’ve scrawled all over the Internet for peacock door knockers and couldn’t find one that I liked. What do you think?

I figured once it arrives we can basically match up other brass ironmongery for the door and I’d really like to carry this through with the internal door knobs and the kitchen handles…

Also 100% going with a door number and knocker, together with a central door knob and letterbox…similar to this door…

And so another decision made! It is quite good as well, as the glass installer can order the door at the same time from Solidor which makes it a little easier too!

What colours do you like? Has anyone gone crazy with their door colour?


Caz and Andy x

Week 32 – Site Progress!

Well what a week! Much more going on and luckily the weather improved and so the brickwork could continue yay. The front gables are looking so pretty with a lovely brickwork pattern

It really looks like a house now that the front gables have been finished!

And also the stone cills and name stones arrived…

So pleased we decided to have name stones in the two front gables and love our house name

And the back gables are almost finished…

Plus the ogee guttering has gone up, and the grey looks fab! Surprised how quickly this was done, didn’t take long at all, only afew hours!

And so week 33 should see the last of the back gables being finished along with the chimney, and the roof should be felted too!

Brinno time! Week 32


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Caz and Andy x

Week 30 and 31 – Site Progress!

Not a great deal going on over the Christmas period, aside from a little more roof work on Christmas eve, and then a wait for the last of the bricks so that the gables can be finished

Finally arriving in week 30, plus the ogee roof guttering came…

And other than that a quiet one really! Apart from some snow in week 31! Eek…the house looked so pretty

And we have been thinking about the landscaping for the front…more details in the previous post! And visited the odd garden centre, plus feeling a tiki room vibe for the snug, ceramic mugs purchased for Andy has been the inspiration!

Week 32 should see the last of the brickwork finished of the gables, ready for roof tiles!

Christmas eve brinno plus snow day!


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Caz and Andy x

Plants…trees! No we’re not avid gardeners..

Not quite there just yet with the landscaping obviously! But definitely something to think about. The front and side of the house will need to be tackled first given that there will be a house to demolish at the back!

And I don’t think we had envisioned we would have this much space at the front, I’m not complaining obviously but you really can’t tell, even with the visuals until you can actually see it, particularly the corner and side of the garage

Now there will be an extended drop curb at the front of the house near to our neighbours, so that visitors are able to park on our front, making it a little less busy with cars….one day when we can have visitors again that is!? And so we will have the front partially paved however the corner and some of the front definitely lends itself to abit of greenery! Very much undecided still as to whether to have a fence..brick wall…bushes for the divide from the path but thats for another post!

However we do like the idea of some evergreen plants and maybe even trees in the corner, perhaps some holly bushes too

This one looks so pretty all pruned, possibly a little too high maintenance for us! And we would probably need to start smaller given the price tag! £1500!

This one however was £300 and I love the silver tones, we could go for maybe one or two trees, some Holly and then some plants…

I’m feeling this sort of greenery and we would perhaps need to go with wood chippings rather than stones…

Another expensive one for the mix!

Loving the blue tones though but we would need to go for a smaller version given this one is a grand!

And maybe even some evergreen with the occasional seasonal colour!! As recommended by Andy’s mum

At least the ideas are in place for the front garden, so we can work on it when we get a little closer to the time…namely Spring time!

Any advice welcome!


Caz and Andy x

Week 28 and 29 – Site Progress!

Oh the saga of waiting on materials! In this case, bricks. And the difficulty being able to pin people down for dates as well. Hopefully they will be arriving in week 30 so that the gables can be finished fingers crossed!

However, at least the central section of the roof trusses have been done, and the velux window frame can be seen, as well as blockwork of the gables along with the roof valleys too

Plus more brickwork of the chimney

And so now we wait on baited breath for the bricks…and then the tiling can begin once the gables have been finished!

Andys uncle…our builder, would like to have the roof covered this side of Christmas so that MAY be in the next few days and the good news is that the roof tiles are here luckily!

Plus we have ordered our ogee guttering which should be arriving on Tuesday….watch this space..check out our Instagram for some pics

And we have decided on the majority of the flooring..details in the last blog post..

Brinno footage of week 28…


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Caz and Andy x

Flooring decided..

We were so undecided as to what to have in the open plan kitchen area at the back of the house for the longest time. The hallway, living room and snug at the front were a no brainer, hardwood parquet. We actually had this in our old house and loved it! So beautiful and low maintenance too…

Old house….

LOVE LOVE LOVE this floor!

As you can see from the layout though, we could in theory, pretty much split the flooring in half and have the living room, hallway, toilet and snug as one and for awhile we were really sold on having a microcement or polished concrete in the open plan kitchen area. One, because we love it and think it would look great against the exposed brick wall and two because we have a very naughty dog who occasionally likes to wee in the house!

The Scotty culprit above! So what to do? The microcement seemed like a winner, low maintenance and ideal for cleaning up “spillages” BUT we hadn’t considered the sliding doors…we are having these between the hallway and the kitchen but also between the living room and kitchen too…

Because of this I can’t help thinking that the parquet running flush between the rooms would look SO good! And weighing things up, do we really want the piddle culprit to determine the floor choices? I mean, if he does offend I’m sure we can clean it up and it wouldn’t be the end of the world. And so the decisions been made! Parquet throughout, and Andy is laying it all…he can’t wait!? It also makes the screeding easier as they would have had to lay it at different depths to account for the different floor covering thicknesses!

Some beautiful inspo….

And, might I add that the flooring we are going for is from B&Q…..


Caz and Andy x

Double height hallway…Good decision!

Many moons ago…well it feels like that now…we made the decision to have a partial glass ceiling in the hallway, so that when walking into the house, the rooflight could be seen and really let the light in. Plus who doesn’t love a quirky glass ceiling!

Cue cute dog sitting on a glass floor photo…

It was always going to be a compromise though, I had always liked homes in Grand Designs with the double height in the hallway and never really been interested in having a landing area with a rocking chair or anything like that! So the glass ceiling seemed to be the best option

And then…curveball, Harold mentioned that it would in fact be possible to achieve the double height. We would need to have a beam in place across the stairs but I’m totally happy with that compromise if we can have the height and wow factor! Its all about the feeling of space right!

And so the progress this week has really been helping with the visuals! When you have so many things going on, its great to start to see your house take shape and feel like a home, more so than a building site. The above photo is from the landing, and the front section will be open with a vaulted ceiling…ignore the platform across the top, this is temporary whilst the roof is being put in place

View from above! As you can see the middle section of the roof is starting to take shape, and really shows just how high the double height will be. Note that we are going to leave the beam exposed and paint it…Andy thinks black…I think grey…let’s see who wins ha!

Needless to say its really taking shape and I think the hallway is going to look fab!

The roof design gives you some idea of the front of the house, with the hallway/landing being in the central section of the roof…

Stay tuned for more updates and we are always posting on our Instagram..


Caz and Andy x

Week 26 and 27 – Site Progress!

We decided to group the two weeks together as week 26 was a little quiet to say the least. We were waiting until Thursday for the scaffolding to be moved up. Again they kept giving us a date and then not turning up. Obviously we know that all the trades are busy but seriously, why give a date so that you can essentially make plans and then not bother to show! Anyway rant over ha!

However Andy and his uncle were able to do the second set of trusses on the Saturday….

Looking good hey, they were putting them in place from 8am until 5pm, using the torch from Andy’s phone in the end, for light!

Annndddddd week 27 saw the stairs arrive!! Eek! Or craned in shall I say. The crane turned up at 7:30am on Monday and they were all done and dusted by 9am.

I have to admit, I was a little nervous as to what the bottom step would look like, as we had decided to go with something a little different and really frame the stairs. Needless to say we are already very happy and can’t wait to seal and sand them, together with some wood treads when we get to the interiors!

I’m still a little scared going up to the first floor even though we have stairs ha!

Dave, one of the brickies, also came back and did some blockwork of the gables, only one gable left to do now…

Annnddd the roof tiles arrived!! All go in week 27…

Check out one of our past blog posts for roof decisions, with a little more detail, we think these will look so good against the brickwork and the stone and in keeping with the other houses in the area

Brinno timelapse plus YouTube update!


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Caz and Andy x

Week 25 – Site Progress!

Another week has gone by already! And the roof trusses arrived on Thursday. Very exciting milestone

Luckily the weather has been good, not too windy and no rain so they were able to move them up the scaffolding on Thursday, ready to stand them up

Saturday was spent standing them up yay and don’t they look fab!

The scaffolding will be moved up in week 26 and then the brickies will be able to come back and finish off the gable ends

Plus we have an official date for the stairs! Monday 30th November and needless to say we have booked the day off to watch them being craned in!

Check out our brinno timelapse plus YouTube update!


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Caz and Andy x