Plans, Plans, Plans….

The first plan

The above plans were passed before we became involved in the project, the builder wanted 2 3 storey houses but this was refused so asked the architect to design 1 4 bed house, this was granted planning straight away.

When we were made aware of this opportunity we liked the plans straight away, the layout was similar to our old house but bigger, and we knew it would work for us with some minor changes.

We initially set about redesigning the interior layout as we didn’t want to make any major changes that would require going back into planning.

We wanted to keep the doggies in the back of the house during the day so put a wall in and also moved the stairs to the centre as we had seen this before and it looked good. We also removed the hall cupboards to open up the space as you enter, and made the back room fully open plan. Upstairs the changes we mainly around the master bedroom, putting in a dressing room rather than office and increasing the en-suite size.

As we started to live on site we decided that the existing outbuilding would not work for us and a new attached garage would be much better, so we crossed our fingers and went back into planning. We also put in for grey window frames and a new drop curb for extra parking, being on a corner we weren’t sure how this would go. This new planning all went through with no objections 🤗

Plans V2

We were now happy with these plans and felt they worked for us, however a delay to the build start and the watching of multiple house programmes (while drinking wine) made us start to think of changes we wanted. The architects in Your home made perfect always say about making the space work for you and not sticking with convention.

Further glasses of wine and we have moved more walls around and added his and hers dressing rooms and en-suites (excited about not having to share) which will better make use of the space and use a bedroom that otherwise would have been useless.

V3 upstairs layout
V3 downstairs layout

As the build is due to start next week hopefully we won’t change our minds anymore… we need to stop watching Grand designs (and drinking!)


Caz & Andy x


Published by Cazandandycoy

Mid thirties couple from Doncaster, UK, embarking on our first self build home in a small village, taking on as much work ourselves as we can

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