Our experience of Purplebricks

We hadn’t sold a house before but had looked round a few, we’d been shown around houses by estate agents and homeowners and generally found the homeowners to be the best at it (not always) so we always knew we would want to do the house tours ourselves when selling.

When we decided to put the house on the market we did our own research and worked out what we thought it should be marketed at, we also had an idea what work we thought needed doing without spending a fortune.

We arranged for a visit from Purplebricks and a local ‘traditional’ estate agent, both suggested a similar selling price and that we do the minimal work to the house as the ground floor had just been renovated. When they went through their service offering we decided that, as we would do the viewings, the only services we required were photography and Right move listing, therefore for us the traditional agent did not justify the extra £500.

We painted a couple of upstairs rooms, glossed the skirting boards and moved the furniture around to appeal more to a family buyer. We luckily already had some professional photos as our house had been used as a case study by the underfloor heating company we used.

The pros

1. Obviously the lower cost was a big benefit!

2. We found the App really easy to use and showed us things like number of views etc…

3. Communication via the app was really good, eg someone cancelled a Sunday viewing on the day and we got notified so we weren’t waiting round all day, a traditional agent would have been closed so we wouldn’t have been notified.

4. Offers and feedback are sent via the app so we found out straight away when someone made an offer and could accept or get Purplebricks to negotiate.

The Cons

1. More direct contact with the buyers can be a positive but we also found that it could be frustrating at times, some people provided extensive feedback and also contacted us via social media.

2. Due to this direct contact our buyer asked multiple questions about the house after moving in, we wanted to be helpful but you wouldn’t get this with a traditional agent.

3. We didn’t struggle to get a sale but if we had the traditional agent may have had potential buyers on their books.

We managed to achieve within £3k of our target price and all things considered we would use an online estate agent again, the overall experience was good and it was exciting to get a notification of an offer straight after the viewer left and get the feedback unfiltered!


Caz & Andy

Published by Cazandandycoy

Mid thirties couple from Doncaster, UK, embarking on our first self build home in a small village, taking on as much work ourselves as we can

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