3D plans!

If like us, you have been through or are going through the planning process, you will know there can be a lot of waiting (!) but also back and forth with the planners, dealing with any disputes and negotiating any changes.

We were originally going to submit an application, after the house was built, to add a garage, but instead decided to get it all done in one go, and were told by our architect we could have a free amendment submitted.

It was recommended to have some 3D plans produced as well to give a visualisation of the space and the positioning of the garage. We highly recommend this! It not only helps the planners, but gives you a clear idea of the space and look of your new home

Here’s how ours looks, and pleased to say, it did help and the garage was accepted!

I think we may do something similar with the interiors, what do you think?


Caz and Andy x

Published by Cazandandycoy

Mid thirties couple from Doncaster, UK, embarking on our first self build home in a small village, taking on as much work ourselves as we can

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