Kitchen plans…

Very excited to have a kitchen design on paper,and it looks fabulous! Always a bonus! Originally we were going to go with something super modern, with an industrial twist. Handleless, with Copper and Slate cupboard doors but after lots of consideration we felt that we probably would want to change it in a few years, and as our ideas for the rest of the house has evolved, I don’t think it would tie in and I sound like an interior designer yet ha ha!!?

One of my friends mentioned the shaker kitchens, and I have to confess, I’d not even heard of this before and then realised they were the kitchens ALL over instagram. Now we aren’t usually ones for following the herd, but I do love this essentially timeless look. And it goes so well with just about any style!

Chelford doors in navy
Cup handles in pewter

We decided to book an appointment with Howdens…one of their sale reps had actually done a couple of off chance opportunity visits to our site, to see if we were in need of a kitchen given a house is being built in front of our cottage! He left us a catalogue, and after having a nosy I really liked their shaker options!

The kitchen designer, Debs gave us some expert advice, and really made the design come to life, and added in little details like the crittal doors and the same style sofas we will have to the 3D. I was especially excited to see how the open plan could work for us and that our Chesterfield sofas could work well in the space

And we have decided to go with an island rather than a peninsular. (If you aren’t aware a peninsular is similar to an island but attached to a wall at one end.) Apparently a peninsular is more of a compromise if you can’t fit in an island, and as we can we are going to go with this.

We have decided to go with the Chelford as it has a smooth finish rather than woodgrain, just a personal preference..we like the super simple look! And the pewter handles because they will look good against the concrete worktops and give that modern industrial edge

Our own little design booklet

Make sure you check out our Instagram for our cool 3D pics over 3 posts on our grid…Needless to say Andy is very happy with his creative skills!

And worktops, flooring and backsplash etc.?

Poured concrete worktops and waterfall island…doesn’t it look good against the shaker style! AND crittall doors….love pinterest inspo!

And a parquet floor…again looks amazing here!

Plus some herringbone backsplash tiles..

Plus the finishing touches like black metal and chunky wood shelves but that’s for another inspo post!


Caz and Andy x


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Mid thirties couple from Doncaster, UK, embarking on our first self build home in a small village, taking on as much work ourselves as we can

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