Glass decided…finally!

About time! We were so undecided for awhile as you may have noticed on instagram. Simply because, originally, before we’d given it a lot of thought, we were sold on aluminium. I really liked the slim lines and athestics. And we had decided that if they weren’t crazy expensive they would be our go to frame.

However a spanner was thrown into the works, as they say, because we needed to achieve a uvalue of 1.2 (thermal requirement) for our new build. It wouldn’t normally need to be that low but it seems building reg requirements are getting tougher, oh well!

So when it came to quotes some companies actually said we wouldn’t be able to achieve the uvalue with the Aluminium but we could go with aluclad (aluminium outside and wood on the inside)


I do like the aluclad, it looks good for one, achieves the uvalue and as it is wood on the inside, you can have it painted in anything you want really

But…we had also come across upvc flush casement

Upvc flush casement

One place actually quoted this at half the price of the aluclad. I have to say that, having had the two samples, we both prefer the look of the flush casement and more than anything for us, it is the look of the frame. One company did try and push us for the aluclad, and even said, this is your forever home so you should go for the best but for double the price we just don’t feel it is what we want. If we loved this frame over the upvc we would do it however, but don’t want to spend alot of money for the sake of it!

So who loves a recommendation? Our brickie Dave actually suggested an installer and he had actually installed upvc flush casement round the corner from us! He can also supply as well, which will be so much better for us given that if there are any issues he can deal with them

Above shows a window from his Facebook and below the house round the corner

We won’t be going for the grid like frame but we do love the look of the flush frame

Luckily he came in below the other quotes too and it included aluminium bifold doors…Happy days!

Above shows some of the frames, not the finished frames as the big dining room and kitchen windows won’t be opening as we want them to be one piece of glass…but this gives a bit of an idea at least!

And we are booked in for the end of January woop!


Caz and Andy x

Published by Cazandandycoy

Mid thirties couple from Doncaster, UK, embarking on our first self build home in a small village, taking on as much work ourselves as we can

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