Light design!

SO when I began writing this post we WERE going to “freestyle” the lighting design and basically do it all ourselves and hope for the best essentially!

I would say we are pretty creative and have a relatively good idea of what we like and don’t like. However the lights have been a bit of a niggle, and the layering of lights in a space, there really is something to be said for getting some expert advice!

Pretty lights…

The idea came about from visiting a virtual home renovations show. And one of the services being light design, and then remembering something similar being mentioned maybe on Grand Designs as well…

Anyway we decided to look into it and one place quoted what we felt was a little crazy but then, they were providing everything, from the actual plans of the light positioning to specific suggestions and the purchasing on your behalf. Now we don’t really need this level of help, I’m more than happy to listen to suggestions but I also like to shop ha ha and take awhile to decide! And find that part fun!

But with our vaulted ceilings and the sheer amount of lights out there we really think that design ideas/light positioning and suggestions plus the big one…supplier contacts for more unique lighting would be the way to go

There is definitely something to be gained in asking for advice for the hallway..with the double height and vaulted ceilings

And so we have a light designer! And the fee ranges from £300 – £500 plus VAT in case you are interested! And eek I’m excited! So far we have spoken with the designer, Claire Luxplan and given her an idea of our style together with furniture layouts/kitchen designs etc. And I think she will be able to give us some great ideas to add light that we haven’t thought of already. But also..yes we can watch lots of design programmes, but to get some advice that is unique to our home will be pretty cool and I think that’s worth it!

Has anyone else decided to do this?

Let us know your experiences!

Plus check out our YouTube for our light design chat


Caz and Andy x

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Mid thirties couple from Doncaster, UK, embarking on our first self build home in a small village, taking on as much work ourselves as we can

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