The light design plans are good to go!

It is hard to believe that we are edging ever closer to the interiors but we are! Eek. So exciting. The glass has been ordered now which should hopefully be here in April, and then the first fix won’t be too far away…

And so, as I mentioned in a previous post, we have decided to invest in a little help with the lights! Check out that post as to the whys here

So pleased we have decided to do this. The positioning was the key driving force for the decision to go with a lighting designer rather than winging it. One thing that we didn’t want was to have all the lights fitted and then realise we should have gone for more in some spaces, particularly in the open plan kitchen and the double height hallway

And so, having given Claire from Luxplan an idea of our style with the aid of pinterest, together with floor plans and sketch up room layouts…I do love a comprehensive guide! And a conversation regarding light types and the vaulted areas, we received our preliminary plans…

Overall we were so pleased with these and the level of detail, and didn’t want to change anything with regards to positioning of lights apart from the snug as I want a plant type light but that’s for another post! Claire did have some questions with regards to layouts and furniture which could impact the lights, and tweaked here and there after another phone conversation and now we have our final plans….

Plus a key for light types…

And a moodboard of light product ideas and where to buy, as well as a breakdown of the circuits for the electrician!

So…take aways from this if you are thinking of doing something similar….?

Light positioning in large spaces – this really helped, especially with spotlights..we had no idea how many to go for and having some expert advice was reassuring

Again light positioning but for vaulted areas and double height ceilings – Claire gave us some great ideas for types of light which splay light up and down but also where to position

Circuits – A biggy! Definitely helps with creating ambience in different areas and a detailed breakdown is a great extra to give to your electrician

Plans – Again, great to give to your electrician but also makes things so much easier if you do decide to make any changes

Lights – Yes…this may seem obvious but there may be some styles that you hadn’t thought of, for us, we hadn’t considered floor lights or LED mini crystal lights for the cinema room

Access to lighting companies – There may be some lights that you might not necessarily be able to access via the internet but are trade accessible

Essentially, if like us, you have an idea of what you want to create, but need a helping hand as to what that will look like and what will work, as well as some ideas that you may not have thought of, this is something that is worth doing. And if like me you enjoy pinterest binges and taking the time to choose your own lights as well as the ones suggested then this is the perfect medium…

Has anyone else done this? Comments welcome as always


Caz and Andy x


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Mid thirties couple from Doncaster, UK, embarking on our first self build home in a small village, taking on as much work ourselves as we can

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