Peacock mural plus a hidden door…

As we are getting ever closer to the interiors, we have been giving a little more thought to our bedroom. Having already decided on colours, namely pale greens and pinks, we had been toying with the idea of a feature wall but perhaps one in the shape of a mural

As you can imagine, something peacock related came to mind! And after a little research, we came across this one from Photowall and what can I say.. I love it! It pretty much looks like a piece of art, and would tie in well with our pale colours but also our parquet wood floor

What do you think? It is pretty much wallpaper essentially and strangely, having decided on this, something very similar was used on Interior Design Masters (if you watch this) in a hotel bedroom and it looked so pretty!

And so, it will go on this wall in the bedroom shown below…and yes…you’ve guessed it…there is an opening in this wall. And we have had a crazy idea that we create a hidden swivel door here leading to Andy’s dressing room!

Something along the lines of the below…

The size of the opening should work really well for creating something like this. Also, sidenote…watch out for the numerous videos we will no doubt make when we try to do this! And the pinterest inspo below has helped too

As you can see there are some cool ways of creating something similar, but we will definitely go with the swivel idea, and I can’t wait to try it with the mural…fingers crossed we won’t mess it up!

Stay tuned! Ha!


Caz and Andy x

Published by Cazandandycoy

Mid thirties couple from Doncaster, UK, embarking on our first self build home in a small village, taking on as much work ourselves as we can

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