Window dressings…

Oh…my….goodness…! There are so many of them, how have I never noticed this before ha ha!

And yes, it may be a little early to be making these kind of decisions, however there is good reason. We were unsure as to whether our choices might determine how the rooms are plasterboarded, given that there are, for example, recessed blinds as an option. But we have realised that the only types we like would need to disappear into the wall above the window frame, something that we can’t achieve as they are solid walls. And the recessed ceiling blinds above the window frame aren’t really my bag, I personally prefer them to look a little more fitted

Plus most electric blinds are battery powered and so this won’t have an impact on the electrics, something we didn’t realise

And that is where we are! Watching numerous YouTube videos along with pinterest binges (obviously) but, at least now, we don’t need to decide just yet until we are running full pelt into interiors yay!

But I thought I would share some thoughts, and feel free to comment…

A little in love with these painted shutters for our bay windows…of which we have two, and we are going for blues and pops of vibrant colours in these rooms so I think it could really work

I quite like the idea of roman blinds in the bedrooms and my dressing room, maybe with curtains too. They look pretty stylish, plus we can decide when the rooms are finished which is always a good thing!

Love this style against the dark walls! This might be our guest bedroom inspo!

Also day and night blinds! I’d not heard of these before. If you haven’t they are essentially two layers of fabric which glide over each other, and allow you to have control of how much light you want to enter the room

These would work really well on bifolds and any glass that you would want to show off, as when you’re not using the blinds they roll away into a box and remote control is an option too

We think we’ll use the day and nights blinds in this way, as we’d like to show off the glass at the back of the house!

Plus roller blinds or black out blinds in the cinema room obviously!

Just to add, as well, (so far at least) we have decided against typical blinds, downstairs anyway, because of the points above, and as they are generally “seen” to some extent, we don’t want the glass at the back of the house to always have a little bit of blind covering them up..they might make an appearance upstairs though!

Any comments welcome!


Caz and Andy x

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Mid thirties couple from Doncaster, UK, embarking on our first self build home in a small village, taking on as much work ourselves as we can

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