Formed concrete and brick planters….landscaping ideas so far!

As we are edging ever closer to the interiors, it’s time we gave a little thought to the outside! There’s no doubt it will be a work in progress, especially when it comes to the back garden as the current house will need to be demolished first!

If you haven’t seen our Instagram before we are luckily able to live on site while our house is being built, in a small cottage set at the back of the plot. Once the house is finished and we are all moved in, the cottage will come down and we can make a back garden from scratch!

For now though, some thoughts and ideas…

Formed concrete. I love love love it! The textures and the woodgrain effect, that can be achieved by using wood boards. We were thinking of using this as our wall at the front and side of the house, maybe even engraving the house number as everyone confuses our house with one on another street, as it is positioned differently!

And either adding some greenery next to the wall, in the front garden or even creating a planter type wall but we’re not sure just yet how that would work!

Either way, it’s one of our first thoughts for the front garden and something that we will attempt ourselves…watch this space!

Plus these concrete planters look like a cool idea too! Something to think about…

And then we have brick planter ideas for the back garden…as our current house is a cottage and it will be demolished, it would be really nice to use some of the bricks and keep a little bit of history don’t ya think!

This is my absolute fave inspo, I love these planters and just the whole look of this garden, I’ve been a little undecided about gravel and whether to use it and where but pebbles or maybe some cotswold chippings could work well, together with pavers…

And we are actually going to have an outdoor/in type barbecue area, that flows from the kitchen, and we could zone this using planters, maybe even grow some herbs!!

Lots more ideas to come no doubt but for now, the brick planters and formed concrete are definites!


Caz and Andy x

Published by Cazandandycoy

Mid thirties couple from Doncaster, UK, embarking on our first self build home in a small village, taking on as much work ourselves as we can

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