Week 42 and 43 – Site Progress!

Another two weeks have gone by, and it shouldn’t be long now until we are water tight eek! Not alot to report in week 42, just the porch tiles and a bit of woodwork on the garage…

Plus a site tidy, well the front half of the house, lots of sweeping up so that we don’t need to do it when the windows are in!

And more lights! I love this one, a definite peacock vibe don’t ya think!

And in week 43 the roofers came back and leaded the porch, as well as tiling the garage roof yay!

She’s definitely looking like a house now

Plus love this detailing above the garage, we could have used plastic but I think this looks much better!

And then, a miracle happened…the scaffolders turned up just one day after we asked them to come and took the last of the scaffolding down! Could not believe it ha! So no more scaffolding yay. And now we can give it a good old tidy….

And the back of house looks so much better after clearing all the wood and giving it a good sweep!

The garage door is being installed week 44 and we may even have the windows installed…watch this space!

Plus if you have seen our Instagram, we are going to attempt to make a blush or peach concrete basin for my ensuite…watch out for a blog post with more details!

Experimenting with cement dye….

Silicone moulds for the concrete work a treat!

Anyway…Brinno time!


Gifted http://brinno.com/time-lapse-camera/TLC2020

Week 42
Week 43

Plus YouTube updates…


Caz and Andy x


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Mid thirties couple from Doncaster, UK, embarking on our first self build home in a small village, taking on as much work ourselves as we can

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