Ensuite plans!

For the most part, I have pretty much decided both layout and colours for my ensuite…yay go me ha ha!

I’ve been keen to incorporate a touch of terrazzo in the design and love this one from Terrazzo tiles

E14 Sea Coral

I was originally going to go for a white patterned terrazzo but I’ve decided to go bold. Go bold or go home as they say!

As it is a darker tile, and there are some pink and peachy notes, I think some paler colours should really make the terrazzo pop!

And as the terrazzo won’t cover the whole room (I think that would be too much) a white matt floor tile together with a pink gloss wall tile and a setting plaster paint on a couple of the walls should work really well!

Matrix blossom pink
“Setting plaster” Farrow and Ball

And obviously peachy concrete sinks! Homemade of course

I really like the idea of using some sort of sideboard too for the twin sinks…I will no doubt be on the hunt for one that can be tweaked…as I haven’t come across any specifically for sinks, that I’ve liked…

And who doesn’t love a free standing bath…

Plus I’m definitely going with black taps, lights and mirrors, this should tie in nicely with the black notes in the terrazzo too!

Here is some sketchup layout plans…definitely helps!

Stay tuned for when the time comes to implement this eek!


Caz and Andy x


Published by Cazandandycoy

Mid thirties couple from Doncaster, UK, embarking on our first self build home in a small village, taking on as much work ourselves as we can

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