Week 58 – Site Progress! Plus “fiddly” lights and brick slips..

Lots going on this week! Eddie the electrician has been on site for most of it, finishing off the upstairs wiring and thermostats. The cinema room certainly took some doing…as you can see…

Lots of twinkly LEDs to go in here, and doing this now will make the second fix much easier!

And next week Eddie will crack on with wiring downstairs and should hopefully finish off the first fix, yay!

Plus plumbing first fix is underway, and Andy’s drilling was spot on apparently. He’s very happy!

And we couldn’t resist trying out the taps in their soon to be places! Shouldn’t be too long now

Lots of pipes and holes…

Annndddd Harold has made a start on the bay windows eeekkk! I’ve been eagerly awaiting this…

So far so good, and it’s great to see the facade coming together! It’ll be so exciting when the safety fence comes down too, it’ll feel much more like a home then don’t ya think!

Also, more samples! Andy’s decided to go with brick slips on two walls of his ensuite…watch this space for a more detailed blog post!

This one is the current fave….

And more, what we have come to call “fiddly” lights arrived this week, and these Borgo ones are lower wall lights….

Using Lola for scale ha! They are pretty small..

These will be in my dressing room and ensuite eek! Can’t wait.

One last thing…the plasterer (whom will also be doing the screed) came to price up this week. They should be available pretty quickly too which is great!

And that’s it for another week! Hopefully we can get some good pics of the front of the house next week when the bay windows have been finished and possibly first fix complete!


Gifted http://brinno.com/time-lapse-camera/TLC2020


Caz and Andy x


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Mid thirties couple from Doncaster, UK, embarking on our first self build home in a small village, taking on as much work ourselves as we can

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