Underfloor heating…DIY project!

Well we certainly had a busy week 64! And it’s definitely enjoyable, being able to do some of the selfbuild tasks ourselves, plus we will have more and more diy projects coming up..exciting times!

What do you think to all the underfloor heating items piled up in the car ha! Should have hired a van!

And the first job involved laying out the plastic dpm layer to protect the insulation from the screed…

Next involved fixing the manifold to the wall in the hallway…

To make sure it was in the right position we used the dimension drawing that came with our design….

Next up edge expansion to allow the screed to expand…

Lola loves to helicopter manage ha!

And this bad boy, the staple gun, made life a lot easier! Manually pressing down staples to secure the pipe would have been very time-consuming!

Next up correctly laying the pipe circuits to the design…how pretty does this look…maybe I’ve been selfbuilding too long ha!

And, after one day we managed 5 of the 9 circuits..not bad going!

More pipe positioning day 2, and we are pretty much done! Aside from the hallway, as the screed is a little delayed, and so we’re holding off so that the builder can move insulation around a little easier!

It certainly looks good, and Lola enjoyed overseeing!

We used conduit to protect the pipe where it exits the screed, and made sure we used pipe stiffeners before pushing each end of the pipe into the manifold…

Living room


Tiki bar

And the pipe will now need filling and pressure testing to make sure it hasn’t been damaged🤞 we were careful to make sure we didn’t overbend and kink the pipe so should be OK.

Plus we’ve put together a youtube video and some timelapse footage for more info.!


Gifted http://brinno.com/time-lapse-camera/TLC2020


Caz and Andy x


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Mid thirties couple from Doncaster, UK, embarking on our first self build home in a small village, taking on as much work ourselves as we can

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