Kitchen decisions..

So! We have changed our minds numerous times when it comes to the kitchen and the utility..if you have seen our Instagram over the past year you will see the odd “decision made” post ha!

From Wren to Howdens to diy kitchens…we couldn’t quite decide on something that was “us”. We began with copper, handleless simple style doors from Wren, but because we didn’t really love the end design, we then moved onto shaker from Howdens because this is a little more timeless right?! Maybe with some antique brass handles too..

But then colour was an issue, if you have looked for kitchens yourselves, it can be quite difficult to find custom painted options, and as we have both fallen in love with the inchyra blue colour from farrow & ball…for lots of different places in our house might I add(!) We then looked to diy kitchens… blog post

And that was it…sorted!! But I still wasn’t sure about the shaker, I don’t know why, I just wasn’t wowed by it, maybe its just because its all over instagram perhaps. And then, after watching “Ugly house to lovely house”….if you haven’t watched it, it’s great for design ideas by the way! I fell in love with one of the kitchens…

This simple slab design with (they are called) Ladbroke handles are so in keeping with our style and so we were on the hunt again! And this time from a company called Naked Kitchens

Now, with this company, there is an option to buy just the doors and fit them to pretty much any cabinet…say Howdens or Ikea

So we then decided to look at Ikea options, for all things cabinetry and there are some big pros to going down this route. For one, no lead times, you can pretty much order your cabinets, integrated storage etc. and have it delivered within days, plus if you miss anything you can always pay the store a visit!

We’ve read lots of good things online too with regards to cabinetry and the quality and they also have kitchen consultation appointments as well as a great online 3D tool system to help guide you along the way…

Some negatives though…cabinet sizes, there aren’t as many size and height options as some of their competitors. Plus the kitchens are flat packed so that might be an issue for some people as well as all the multiple pre drilled holes in the cabinets, I’m not a big fan of those!

But, having paid the store a visit, and browsing the options I think they are a good contender if you are looking for a new kitchen. There are black internal cabinetry options too which look super slick! 

Sheffield Ikea

And so, to compare, we went to the naked kitchens showroom as well…which is in Norfolk by the way…some what of a distance from South Yorkshire! And loved the doors immediately. Plus their own colour “Branchester Blue” is pretty much an Inchyra Blue replica so that was the doors sorted!

Which led us to our final decision…cabinetry, is it to be Naked Kitchens or Ikea? This was a difficult one, but having visited the Naked Kitchen showroom, some of the integrated storage looked so good, and yes it is inside a cupboard but we will no doubt be opening them on a regular basis ha! I was pretty much sold once we had visited the showroom, however it is much more expensive, if you are looking at your options. Ikea, for example would have been about £4k for the kitchen and utility without doors, whereas Naked Kitchens will be approx £15k (without appliances)

Pierhouse Blue

Also…we have decided to go with this mustard colour in the utility, it looks so good against the Branchester blue in the showroom!

Colour options but there are also custom paint options available

When it comes to ordering, they do offer a rendering service for £500 (half of which you will get back if you order a kitchen with them) and includes a full design and quote, however we have already had numerous designs made so we were pretty confident with the layout.

Good old sketch up has worked wonders for us as well, on our self build journey! Visualising and deciding where to position the handles was a must! That was probably the most difficult decision. We are just unsure on the backsplash hmm!

Not quite the mustard colour for the utility but you get the idea, maybe with some shelves too..

And once you have put together your basket online, if you send over your quote number to one of the team, they can check over your basket against any plans before you order

One more thing to add, Naked Kitchens make their kitchens on site too and can really make your kitchen to your individual taste, mixing up different styles or incorporating different accessories

And so, the kitchen is now ordered and will arrive in Christmas move in ha! But no matter, it will be worth it…plus we have a lot of work to do ourselves before we get to that point!


Caz and Andy x

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Mid thirties couple from Doncaster, UK, embarking on our first self build home in a small village, taking on as much work ourselves as we can

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