Week 72 – The paint spraying has begun..plus staining wood and another light!

It is so strange to be at a stage where it is down to us and the progress is actually ours to control…mu ha ha! And it is quite simply, based on how proactive or lazy we are feeling on any given week ha!

And so this week Andy’s been sanding more of the unfinished Oak parquet blocks and then giving them a stain to check we are happy with the finish….we are thinking of having this throughout the house mainly because we haven’t found a finished parquet we have liked

Plus these blocks are so versatile and the floor will be an original parquet floor pretty much!

After three stains…

As you can see the before and after is pretty good, and as we want the bevelled edge, the sanding has worked well so far…

This is the stain below, however we will be using a wax as well to make sure it is super sealed! It does actually say on the the tin that it isn’t suitable for floors but I think it is more because of the potential high traffic, and so going with a wax as a top coat should be the way to go..we just need to decide on one! Once we’ve had a good play around I’ll do a more detailed post.

Plus another light, and this one is for Andy’s ensuite, he just can’t decide how many to use. He actually has 9 potential spotlights in this room but he might go with 3 of these and the rest a more standard spotlight…

How cool do they look in situ……

And we did some window prep upstairs ready for paint spraying!!

The Wagner Control Pro 250m is ready to go too….check out our unboxing here…

And B&Q have 3 for 2 on paint at the moment which couldn’t have come at a better time!

Plus we realised that we needed a whole lot more paint for the first coat than we first thought! We ended up using 60 litres for upstairs! However, as we are using a paint sprayer, we have been able to avoid two coats…

What do you think to our outfits?! Suited and booted as they say!

And we are so pleased and relieved as to how easy it has been to use, and therapeutic might I add! The prep took longer than the actual painting in all fairness..

Check out how we are getting on so far in our YouTube video below.

Next up downstairs paint spraying!


Caz and Andy x

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Mid thirties couple from Doncaster, UK, embarking on our first self build home in a small village, taking on as much work ourselves as we can

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