Week 73 – More paint spraying, white paint samples..plus go big or go home….!

And so, this week we finished all the undercoat painting, and we used Express Coat by Valspar from B&Q. This one can be used on fresh plaster and doesn’t need watering down, always a bonus!

The downstairs took around 4 hours for 110 metre squared which isn’t bad going at all! I do love this paint sprayer, the finish is pretty flawless and you could almost just leave this undercoat as is, but we have a whole lotta colours in mind so that’s the next job!

And oh my goodness, the white paint decisions have been some of the hardest. I actually read an article about this and apparently, because there are so many undertones when it comes to white paint, it can be much more difficult to choose compared to colours.

We had thought we were going to go with Blackened from Farrow and Ball, however when we sampled it on the actual wall it looked a little too grey for us and probably wouldn’t flow with the other colours.

Then we were thinking maybe Ammonite or Wevet but we were still a little unsure. And so, because we are sick of pretty much living in B&Q ha! We bought a few more samples and tried them out in the car park…as you do! And after all the messing around, decided to go with Strong White for the hallway and landing. This is a grey based white and looks fab against Crittall…something which we will be having. And Wimbourne White in the open plan kitchen area. This is a white with yellow undertones and looks really fresh, and can work well with colours such as India Yellow, a colour we are looking to incorporate into the open plan colour scheme…watch this space!

And with that we made a start on the finished coats! Eek that is so strange to say. And, because we are so logical ha, we are going to start with the whites and lightest colours, using the paint sprayer, and work our way down in the dark stakes! We’ve also come up with a little list based on where the same colours will go etc. so we’re not cleaning the machine unnecessarily.

We have started with the Wimbourne White, and then next week, we should hopefully do most of the colours!

Plus we’ve decided to be a little daring with the lower wall on the landing and use something pretty bold to make it a feature in all the white…

We think Charlotte’s Locks might be the winner, looking forward to trying it out properly and hey its just paint, we can always change it, if it doesn’t work out…


Caz and Andy x

Published by Cazandandycoy

Mid thirties couple from Doncaster, UK, embarking on our first self build home in a small village, taking on as much work ourselves as we can

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