Weeks 75 and 76 – Lots of flooring plus more painting and the first of the lights!

Lots more painting this last couple of weeks! We are almost there now, I’m so over painting ha! It’s just so messy, I can’t wait to have a good old sweep up and a tidy..and put away the paint brushes…and the sprayer!

We actually did the walls of my dressing room and our bedroom with a roller, as it would have proved difficult covering up the ceiling to use the sprayer! We will do a more detailed review of the Sprayer soon, now that we’ve pretty much finished..stay tuned.

Dressing room Ceiling – Setting Plaster
Walls – Green smoke

And we’ve painted the guest bedroom in multiple colours ha from Farrow and Ball Again, using the sprayer for the ceiling, and a roller for the walls for ease of prep..

Guest bedroom: Ceiling – Setting Plaster
Walls – Sulking Room Pink and Off Black

We also plan on using an architrave for the paint join between the two colours on the wall..stay tuned! We have made a start on this in week 76 but we’ll do a more detailed post!

Sidenote..In other news, I bought a chair! Could not resist this little beauty from Bombinate Not sure where for just yet but I love it!

Topaz Retrostar Chair Premium Velvet Line

And Eddie the electrician has been back for the second fix! We have lights! These Antique brass up down ones from Arrow Electrical will look fab with the soon to be door ironmongery.

Plus black up down ones at the back of the house…

And lots and lots of flooring arrived! Over 200 boxes to be exact! We will be busy….

This is called 70mm Engineered Brushed & UV Oiled Smoked Charnwood Oak Parquet Block Wood Flooring and is from Ambience hardwood flooring Stay tuned for more details!

Plus the kitchen island light is up..

And my vertigo pendant light…also known as a hat light is looking beautiful! Together with black spotlights and a couple of cool wall lights

I almost forgot about these ha they were bought that long ago! And we will be having bigger versions of these on either side of our bed in the master bedroom..

And that’s it for another two weeks! Check out our YouTube together with some timelapse footage…speedy cinema room spraying and just a whole lotta painting!


Caz and Andy x

Published by Cazandandycoy

Mid thirties couple from Doncaster, UK, embarking on our first self build home in a small village, taking on as much work ourselves as we can

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