Week 81 and 82 – Happy Christmas!

Well, we certainly had a busy couple of weeks with flooring and lights! Eddie, the electrician, set up some of the circuits, and as I drove up to the house from work, it was so strange seeing light and so exciting!! Plus we have been able to take the scaffolding down, now that updown lights in the vaulted areas are up. Yay!

Just need to sand the stairs soon and add the wood treads…watch this space!

It still feels so strange having light ha! Can’t get used to the house being a house.

Sp pleased we kept the double height in the hallway, it is looking fabulous!

Plus, more foresso deliveries, as mentioned here These plywood worktop options are so beautiful and should work well with the blue cupboard doors in the kitchen and the yellow in the utility….

And another hat light….or Vertigo pendant light. We had originally wanted to go with multiple pendant lights in the hallway, but I think this works so much better and will go well with the black metal balustrade…

Plus, we have light outside!! These antique brass up down lights are so nice!! And tie in well with the door furniture.

Plus Andy has been busy with the flooring, heading into the open plan kitchen area now and wow its beautiful!

And the large table we won on an auction, is actually an okay size for the space….we thought we may have to sell it ha! But it fits well…we just need some nice chairs to go with it!

It was so strange setting up the table, and being able to eat in the new house on Christmas day! We were so giddy as you can imagine…

And I set up my new chair from Bombinate…although it does look a bit lonely in the open plan area!!

Happy Christmas!!
Another crazy light!

And that’s it for another two weeks! We should get the downstairs flooring done between Christmas and New year plus skirting boards. Oh! And the plasterer is back to microcement the ensuites….look out for more info.


Caz and Andy x


Published by Cazandandycoy

Mid thirties couple from Doncaster, UK, embarking on our first self build home in a small village, taking on as much work ourselves as we can

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