Ikea hack! The PAX system…

Something I’ve been SO excited to put together, is my dressing room! Who wouldn’t?! And I decided to go with the Ikea PAX system.

If you’re not familiar with this, it is a modular system, with lots of different internal options, and can be designed to suit your requirements. It can be a lot of fun playing around with layouts!

Luckily, given that we have a self build, we were able to position the stud wall to suit the size of the carcasses, rather than have to use a trim to give a more bespoke feel…lucky!

The carcasses were pretty straight forward to put together too…flat pack situation with instructions!

And I came across a great blog post with some hack ideas! One being to use wallpaper on the back panels….

I decided to go with this one from B&Q…as I have terrazzo tiles in my ensuite, I figured it would work well!

Adds a little interest to them, when the draws are open….

Plus white plastic covers for all the little holes…I really hate the holes ha! Straight away, it looked finished, once I covered them up…

It took an absolute age though! Just to give you an idea, I used about 1200 of the little things!

Another hack was the vertical trims, between the wardrobes, again from B&Q. And we simply cut them to size and glued them to the frame, clamping for an hour or so, to keep in place while drying…

My all time favourite hack though, is the coving! Oh my goodness! It really finished off the wardrobes, again giving them a bespoke feel….

And these, again, were from B&Q, and we simply cut them down to size, and again glued to the frame. The trickiest part were the cuts on the display wardrobes….as you can see below they’re on an angle so take your time at this stage to get the cut just right…

Backing up abit, I did have some head scratching when it came to the back panels of my display wardrobes…do I go wallpaper again? And then I came across a company that could cut glass to size, and so we decided to go with this option.



Straight forward to install too, again, glued to the panels, and reminds me of a boutique shop!

Another important element was, of course, lighting! And I decided to go with spotlights above the wardrobes, and LED lights inside some of the draws…

The spotlights were pretty straight forward, given that they are above the wardrobes. Remember! To have available sockets and electric connections available, if you want to add these elements to your dressing room.


LED strip lights

I also went with these downlights below, in the ceiling, ideal for lighting up specific areas…

And a couple of wall lights…

And the last bespoke element? The dressing table topper! We had this piece made to fit the space, and then used the Nordli draws from Ikea. Cool hey!!

I will also go for some bespoke perspex pieces in the draws to store makeup….watch this space for another blog post!

And there you have it! My dressing room is good to go! Rather than an island, I decided to go with an ottoman and a little table! It’s working really well for getting ready…

Check out our YouTube for more details….

Caz and Andy x



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Mid thirties couple from Doncaster, UK, embarking on our first self build home in a small village, taking on as much work ourselves as we can

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