We must be youtubers…we’ve done TWO videos!

A whole two videos! Ha! Our second video is a two week update of our self build progress together with some time-lapse and ring footage. We do love making the little video diary to look back on if for nothing else!

I think we are getting the hang of it now with the youtube, we now understand that you need to pause when you mix up your words for the editing…who knew (!) And we have a little intro set for our videos so we should now be able to stick to a weekly one fingers crossed!

Check out our latest one here..


Caz and Andy x

Droning on!

As you may be aware from our other blog posts, we are using a Brinno camera for timelapse videos but we also have Ring set up. Brinno works really well for say a weeks worth of footage, simply because you need to get the ladders out, take the camera down and download from the memory card, and we are a bit lazy! We can’t really be bothered with doing this every day so ring works really well with quickly downloading snippets of footage from the event history then speeding up the videos within edit on our phones. Super quick and easy and works well for insta and fb stories!

Now to the point, I kinda thought we had enough camera related options, pretty much covered all angles however Andy decided to try out a drone as well to get a higher angle. The first one was £35 and not worth the money, it kept crashing into things and we ended up losing it in a neighbours tree! I was then of the opinion that you probably need to spend alot to get one that can be controlled easily and get some good footage. However after some research we bought this one for £80 and it is really good!


It hovers well, camera footage is good quality and it does pretty much what we need it to do. The only negatives are that the range doesn’t seem great but we will play around with it and see if we can improve that. The camera is also fixed so you can’t film straight downwards.

Fab being able to get shots like this and use paint to show positioning!
Snippet of footage!

We would recommend this drone, if you are self building and would like some footage from above it works really well and gets you some great clips!


Caz and Andy x

Week 2 – Site Progress!

Lots more progress in week 2, it really is happening very quickly now. Thursday was a very busy day for the builders, they finished off digging the last of the trenches and got the building inspector sign off just before the concrete arrived!!

3 full loads of concrete arrived one by one, luckily being a corner plot we could pour into 3 of the corners so only had to pull the concrete over to the fourth. Wellies were on and we were in the wet concrete. We managed to get plenty of footage on the time lapse camera and on the Ring.

Friday brought the excitement of the first delivery of blocks, around 800 footing blocks in total. As we are keen to get our hands dirty and save some money we volunteered to move them all from the front of the plot to where they are needed. This was back breaking work but we got help from Caz’s mum and dad and managed to get them moved by Sunday afternoon, just in time for our Wren kitchens design appointment. The Dodsons couldn’t resist the Leeds United graffiti opportunity.

Dodson LUFC graffiti

All the blocks are now randomly scattered around site ready for the builders who are back on Tuesday to carry on, hope they appreciate our efforts.


Caz and Andy x

Making a decision…Stairs!

The stairs have probably been our most difficult decision so far. We have shared some ideas and looked at so many Instagram and pinterest pics! And now we need to make a decision..it’s all starting to feel real

As we are going to go with a parquet wood floor and microcement walls in the hallway we have decided to go with a precast concrete stair and wooden treads. I love wood against concrete, its definitely a timeless look and we are keen to get the “bones” of the build right first time

Similar to the above look with the treads in a l shape or simply sitting on top of the concrete as below

I do like the above treads but Andy would rather see more of the concrete

We didn’t really think about the shape of the concrete stair until now, so many little details to think about aren’t they?! We do like the step shape below….

Or there is this as an option below where you have the best of both (!) This one will be determined by cost really, as we don’t mind either look

And now for balustrades, we do like something quite simple, the two pics below are contenders. This will depend on whether a hand rail is required so this one is still up in the air but very close!

More decisions to come!


Andy and Caz x

Week 1 – Site Progress!

So we are a week in and there has been a lot of progress! The trenches are pretty much done ready for the concrete woop! I dont think we realised how quickly things would progress. After digging started on the Friday, by the Wednesday Andy’s uncle said that the building inspector would be checking the foundations to make sure they were deep enough on the Friday (!) We then would have had the concrete poured on Saturday, however we had a little delay as a brick wall was found when digging.

The building inspector decided that this area could be filled with concrete, and then the rest done after this has set.

So currently the rest of the concrete is coming on Wednesday, and Monday/Tuesday will be finishing off the trenches

Love being able to see the rooms!

Eek very excited!

Timelapse of week 1 below! Note that we only got up to Thursdays footage on the camera because we stupidly didn’t delete the previous footage we had copied over but luckily could use our ring camera footage phew!

Just a sidenote that it has been a mammoth job getting rid of the soil, farmer Charles kept filling up his skip then taking it to his farm 15 minutes away, as you can imagine there was alot!

The first mound of soil

Stay tuned for more updates!


Caz and Andy x


It wouldn’t be right if we didn’t have a doggie blog post! So here it is!

We have a cavapoo….(King Charles Cavalier crossed with a miniature poodle)….note that when we were deciding we thought miniature was toy lol. Not that she is big, I would say medium sized (!) And we have a Cavottish or Scottalier…(Scotty crossed with a King Charles Cavalier) There is a pattern emerging!

Lola the cavapoo
Charlie the cavottish

They have both been so good with everything going on with the build….we thought it would unsettle them with all the noise, as we are pretty much living on site. However they seem really chilled and with us working from home as well that has probably helped!

The concrete outside was being smashed up while she was laid out

As I write this we are having to put their leads on to go out for wees while the footings are done but fingers crossed over the weekend the concrete will be poured and we can use the side of the house as a doggie garden which will be less muddy!

The furniture in the house will be moving into the new house so it needs to remain in tact and not too battered..or muddy (we hope!)

More updates to follow!


Caz and Andy x

First Day On Site!

I can not begin to tell you how excited we were when the digger turned up on Friday! It might sound very sad to some people (!) However for us knowing that we are going to start seeing our house take shape soon is just beyond exciting!

As mentioned in another blog post we now have a timelapse camera, I will insert some footage here of our first day…

So far there has been lots of digging, as you can imagine, luckily the soil is pretty sandy so it’s easy to move. And one of the neighbours has been round with his metal detector…hasten to add we have told him if he finds anything expensive looking its ours LOL

Next is drainage stuff (official terminology) and electrical cable checking. I think I’m going to love the stages and watching them happen, I just love anything progression related if that makes sense (!)

LOVE a digger..as you can see!

Stay tuned for more updates


Caz and Andy x

YouTube! Let’s see how this pans out…

Yes we are taking the plunge and joining the world of youtube! From being hooked on holiday vlogs, basically whenever we go on holiday…especially a travel day vlog! We thought it only right that we share our self build journey

So far we have bought a timelapse camera, recommended by an instagrammer. I love the instagram community, I’m amazed at how big the home build and interiors part of it is! There are so many people sharing their pics and videos!

As this post is published we should have hopefully made our first youtube video and have a link to it below….

At present we are going to use a smart phone for the vlogging…the quality looks okay, if we do alright maybe we will invest in a vlogging camera!! Watch this space!


Caz and Andy x

3D plans!

If like us, you have been through or are going through the planning process, you will know there can be a lot of waiting (!) but also back and forth with the planners, dealing with any disputes and negotiating any changes.

We were originally going to submit an application, after the house was built, to add a garage, but instead decided to get it all done in one go, and were told by our architect we could have a free amendment submitted.

It was recommended to have some 3D plans produced as well to give a visualisation of the space and the positioning of the garage. We highly recommend this! It not only helps the planners, but gives you a clear idea of the space and look of your new home

Here’s how ours looks, and pleased to say, it did help and the garage was accepted!

I think we may do something similar with the interiors, what do you think?


Caz and Andy x

Our experience of Purplebricks

We hadn’t sold a house before but had looked round a few, we’d been shown around houses by estate agents and homeowners and generally found the homeowners to be the best at it (not always) so we always knew we would want to do the house tours ourselves when selling.

When we decided to put the house on the market we did our own research and worked out what we thought it should be marketed at, we also had an idea what work we thought needed doing without spending a fortune.

We arranged for a visit from Purplebricks and a local ‘traditional’ estate agent, both suggested a similar selling price and that we do the minimal work to the house as the ground floor had just been renovated. When they went through their service offering we decided that, as we would do the viewings, the only services we required were photography and Right move listing, therefore for us the traditional agent did not justify the extra £500.

We painted a couple of upstairs rooms, glossed the skirting boards and moved the furniture around to appeal more to a family buyer. We luckily already had some professional photos as our house had been used as a case study by the underfloor heating company we used.

The pros

1. Obviously the lower cost was a big benefit!

2. We found the App really easy to use and showed us things like number of views etc…

3. Communication via the app was really good, eg someone cancelled a Sunday viewing on the day and we got notified so we weren’t waiting round all day, a traditional agent would have been closed so we wouldn’t have been notified.

4. Offers and feedback are sent via the app so we found out straight away when someone made an offer and could accept or get Purplebricks to negotiate.

The Cons

1. More direct contact with the buyers can be a positive but we also found that it could be frustrating at times, some people provided extensive feedback and also contacted us via social media.

2. Due to this direct contact our buyer asked multiple questions about the house after moving in, we wanted to be helpful but you wouldn’t get this with a traditional agent.

3. We didn’t struggle to get a sale but if we had the traditional agent may have had potential buyers on their books.

We managed to achieve within £3k of our target price and all things considered we would use an online estate agent again, the overall experience was good and it was exciting to get a notification of an offer straight after the viewer left and get the feedback unfiltered!


Caz & Andy