The light design plans are good to go!

It is hard to believe that we are edging ever closer to the interiors but we are! Eek. So exciting. The glass has been ordered now which should hopefully be here in April, and then the first fix won’t be too far away…

And so, as I mentioned in a previous post, we have decided to invest in a little help with the lights! Check out that post as to the whys here

So pleased we have decided to do this. The positioning was the key driving force for the decision to go with a lighting designer rather than winging it. One thing that we didn’t want was to have all the lights fitted and then realise we should have gone for more in some spaces, particularly in the open plan kitchen and the double height hallway

And so, having given Claire from Luxplan an idea of our style with the aid of pinterest, together with floor plans and sketch up room layouts…I do love a comprehensive guide! And a conversation regarding light types and the vaulted areas, we received our preliminary plans…

Overall we were so pleased with these and the level of detail, and didn’t want to change anything with regards to positioning of lights apart from the snug as I want a plant type light but that’s for another post! Claire did have some questions with regards to layouts and furniture which could impact the lights, and tweaked here and there after another phone conversation and now we have our final plans….

Plus a key for light types…

And a moodboard of light product ideas and where to buy, as well as a breakdown of the circuits for the electrician!

So…take aways from this if you are thinking of doing something similar….?

Light positioning in large spaces – this really helped, especially with spotlights..we had no idea how many to go for and having some expert advice was reassuring

Again light positioning but for vaulted areas and double height ceilings – Claire gave us some great ideas for types of light which splay light up and down but also where to position

Circuits – A biggy! Definitely helps with creating ambience in different areas and a detailed breakdown is a great extra to give to your electrician

Plans – Again, great to give to your electrician but also makes things so much easier if you do decide to make any changes

Lights – Yes…this may seem obvious but there may be some styles that you hadn’t thought of, for us, we hadn’t considered floor lights or LED mini crystal lights for the cinema room

Access to lighting companies – There may be some lights that you might not necessarily be able to access via the internet but are trade accessible

Essentially, if like us, you have an idea of what you want to create, but need a helping hand as to what that will look like and what will work, as well as some ideas that you may not have thought of, this is something that is worth doing. And if like me you enjoy pinterest binges and taking the time to choose your own lights as well as the ones suggested then this is the perfect medium…

Has anyone else done this? Comments welcome as always


Caz and Andy x

Internal doors…

This has been, for the most part, a pretty easy decision luckily…for once ha! We are actually going with Crittall sliding doors in some places, and so black was definitely the way to go when it came to the other doors. Having worked it out we only actually need 3! Due to using hidden doors out for a post about that!

Black doors look fab against the Crittall…

And so, having looked at lots of inspo, we have decided on this antwerp door from Wayfair. And it should look good in line with the anthracite grey windows as well which will be the same colour inside and out

And I love door knobs rather than handles. As we are using an antique brass in other areas such as the kitchen cup handles and the front door furniture, these should look fabulous!


Caz and Andy x

Week 36 – Site Progress!

We have solar panels! And just in time before the scaffolding comes down next week….

To pass the SAP assessment (something all new houses have to meet) we needed to have solar panels, the financial incentives for having solar aren’t what they used to be but our electric bill should go down from around £60 per month to almost nothing, also doing our bit for the environment too 😀

Luckily we could have them down the neighbours side of the roof so they are barely visible from the ground

Plus Dave came and finished off the cills…eek so good to see the bay windows really taking shape

And the stone heads above the front doorway have been done too

So now we can have the openings measured up for the windows woop woop! And luckily the installer can come next week and then it shouldn’t be too long until we are weather tight!

It will be so great to be at a stage in the build in which the weather doesn’t impact progress! Plus we will be doing a lot of the internals so however long things take is up to us really. Nothing wrong with a bit of control ha!

Plus we have been looking at kitchens again and thinking of a bespoke colour which Diy kitchens actually do but that’s for another post!

Brinno time! Week 36

Plus YouTube…


Caz and Andy x

Light design!

SO when I began writing this post we WERE going to “freestyle” the lighting design and basically do it all ourselves and hope for the best essentially!

I would say we are pretty creative and have a relatively good idea of what we like and don’t like. However the lights have been a bit of a niggle, and the layering of lights in a space, there really is something to be said for getting some expert advice!

Pretty lights…

The idea came about from visiting a virtual home renovations show. And one of the services being light design, and then remembering something similar being mentioned maybe on Grand Designs as well…

Anyway we decided to look into it and one place quoted what we felt was a little crazy but then, they were providing everything, from the actual plans of the light positioning to specific suggestions and the purchasing on your behalf. Now we don’t really need this level of help, I’m more than happy to listen to suggestions but I also like to shop ha ha and take awhile to decide! And find that part fun!

But with our vaulted ceilings and the sheer amount of lights out there we really think that design ideas/light positioning and suggestions plus the big one…supplier contacts for more unique lighting would be the way to go

There is definitely something to be gained in asking for advice for the hallway..with the double height and vaulted ceilings

And so we have a light designer! And the fee ranges from £300 – £500 plus VAT in case you are interested! And eek I’m excited! So far we have spoken with the designer, Claire Luxplan and given her an idea of our style together with furniture layouts/kitchen designs etc. And I think she will be able to give us some great ideas to add light that we haven’t thought of already. But also..yes we can watch lots of design programmes, but to get some advice that is unique to our home will be pretty cool and I think that’s worth it!

Has anyone else decided to do this?

Let us know your experiences!

Plus check out our YouTube for our light design chat


Caz and Andy x

Week 35 – Site Progress!

Yes! A productive week after a very quiet week 34!

The roof tilers came on Wednesday and laid out all the tiles ready to put them in place on Friday

And they had the best contraption! A tile conveyer belt. I want one! Or at least to use to send brews up ha!

And Dave, one of the brickies finished off the chimney on Thursday.. what do you think? Love the detailing, we were tempted to get a grey pot but I think the terracotta looks good against the bricks!

It’s so strange walking the dogs and being able to see our house in the distance!

Plus the velux window is in! Our first bit of glass eek!

And with that, we have a roof and it only took them one day! So great to finally have some protection against the weather!

The double height hallway looks so good with the velux window, it’s definitely starting to take shape!

And Dave put some of the cills in as well, all covered at the moment but he will be back in week 36 to put the rest in. Apart from the bay windows, as there is a concern they may get damaged by the scaffolding, as it is coming down next weekend woop! So Dave will come back and put those in. And we will just have the scaffolding set up around the garage ready for the roof.

Once the cills are finished the openings can be measured for the glass YES!!

And the solar panels will also go up in week 36…its all go!

Week 35 brinno time!

Plus check out our YouTube…kitchen chat and we why we have decided to go with a light designer…


Caz and Andy x


Wow what a revelation! This is such a fabulous way to visualise your home and get an idea of scale. It takes a little bit of patience and practice but it is so worth it..and its free! If you don’t go with the pro options that is, but this is what we have managed to achieve so far without it…

Living room

It has really helped with colour flow/design throughout the house, plus being able to play around with furniture is so much fun! It actually made us change our mind with regards to the living room layout, the TV was going to be on the opposite wall but it should work well next to the fireplace

Open plan kitchen

Tiki bar

And it has been a godsend for the tiki bar, definitely given us a great feel for the space and how much we could actually fit in that room

Living room

Andy’s VERY happy with the stairs. What do you think? I’m in love with these stairs! Eek! Next up we are going to try and recreate the double height and vaulted ceiling in the hallway/landing…

Upstairs so far..

Open plan kitchen

How cool does the hallway/landing look!!!!…


I would strongly advise giving this a try if you are self building or renovating, or just deciding on different paint colours…it really allows you to discount certain choices and just have play around. Obviously it won’t be your exact furniture or paint but it allows you to get an idea of what works for you

I’m not sure what the pro option provides but this has worked so well for us, we learnt the basics from YouTube tutorials but I’m sure there is so much to learn to do it properly!


Caz and Andy x

Week 33 – Site Progress!

Well it’s been a busy week! The gables are now finished and the chimney isn’t far off plus the roofers have felted the roof now so at least the house is covered if we have any rain yay!

Annddddd the name stones are in….

So so pleased with them! Such a lovely personal touch to the house

The roofers actually started felting Tuesday afternoon and then came back on Saturday to finish….in between that time we had ALOT of snow!!

It did look very pretty though! And not a lot was going on on site anyway!

And just like that the roof is all covered and we couldn’t resist having a play around with the roof tiles! Love these, they are Sandtoft calderdale Edge flat concrete tiles and really work against the brickwork and the portland stone

Not sure if much will happen in week 34, the brickies just need to put the cills in now and finish the chimney so they may be back this week! And then the openings can be measured up for the windows eek! And hopefully the roofers will be back in the next couple of weeks fingers crossed to do the tiling…watch this space!

Week 33 brinno time!


Plus YouTube!


Caz and Andy x

Front door decided..

Another decision! We have really been going round the houses…so to speak! when it comes to the front door colour, more so than style. We are pretty clear on that! The “tenby solid” is the way to go for us as we feel it is in keeping with the style of the house

We were toying with the idea of having some glass in the door however there will be glass on either side and so solid should look gooooddd….

Colour on the other hand….not so easy! We managed to narrow it down to the teal/blue group but there are SO many variations! We love the teal…

This one in particular is gorgeous! It is a beautiful colour, however it looks so good against the white render and having looked at a darker colour, namely the peacock blue and against an anthracite grey frame, the peacock blue pops a bit more don’t you think? And as we have bricks too and not render I think peacock blue will be just right. Plus hello “peacock blue” its a sign!

And I came across this beauty on etsy, the last one and I’ve scrawled all over the Internet for peacock door knockers and couldn’t find one that I liked. What do you think?

I figured once it arrives we can basically match up other brass ironmongery for the door and I’d really like to carry this through with the internal door knobs and the kitchen handles…

Also 100% going with a door number and knocker, together with a central door knob and letterbox…similar to this door…

And so another decision made! It is quite good as well, as the glass installer can order the door at the same time from Solidor which makes it a little easier too!

What colours do you like? Has anyone gone crazy with their door colour?


Caz and Andy x

Week 32 – Site Progress!

Well what a week! Much more going on and luckily the weather improved and so the brickwork could continue yay. The front gables are looking so pretty with a lovely brickwork pattern

It really looks like a house now that the front gables have been finished!

And also the stone cills and name stones arrived…

So pleased we decided to have name stones in the two front gables and love our house name

And the back gables are almost finished…

Plus the ogee guttering has gone up, and the grey looks fab! Surprised how quickly this was done, didn’t take long at all, only afew hours!

And so week 33 should see the last of the back gables being finished along with the chimney, and the roof should be felted too!

Brinno time! Week 32


Plus a Youtube update!…


Caz and Andy x

Week 30 and 31 – Site Progress!

Not a great deal going on over the Christmas period, aside from a little more roof work on Christmas eve, and then a wait for the last of the bricks so that the gables can be finished

Finally arriving in week 30, plus the ogee roof guttering came…

And other than that a quiet one really! Apart from some snow in week 31! Eek…the house looked so pretty

And we have been thinking about the landscaping for the front…more details in the previous post! And visited the odd garden centre, plus feeling a tiki room vibe for the snug, ceramic mugs purchased for Andy has been the inspiration!

Week 32 should see the last of the brickwork finished of the gables, ready for roof tiles!

Christmas eve brinno plus snow day!


And YouTube!


Caz and Andy x