Week 63 – Site Progress! We have floor insulation..

Oh my goodness..there was a lot of insulation delivered this week! And it was certainly a workout bringing it all into the house in case it rained! And if you live in England you never know when there’s going to be rain regardless of the time of year…

And even though it is lightweight, it’s a two person job to maneuver it into the house!

Plus do you like the little diagram below…always helps when thinking about the stages before starting…1 being sand, 2 damp proof membrane and concrete slab, 3 floor insulation, 4 edge insulation, 5 screed and 6 flooring

And always need to have a shoe photo on any given flooring during a build don’t you think?…

We also picked up the underfloor heating…maybe we should have booked a van!

Aside from a couple of evenings, we cracked on with the insulation on Saturday and, I after say, aside from being dusty…(make sure to use a mask!) it was very therapeutic laying it all out and probably would’ve been quicker than laying chipboard if it hadn’t been for all the conduit! If you’re not familiar with this, it is piping used to hold any wires running along the floor, and in our case, we have a fair few floor lights, and so areas of the insulation needed to be shaped to facilitate this. Very messy! As you can imagine

But we’ve got there and finished the ground floor in about two days…

The snug

Also don’t forget the tape used on all the joins

Spot the conduit…plus Andy’s hoovering skills

And that’s it for week 63..we did make a start on prepping for the underfloor heating but we’ll save that for a separate more detailed post…watch this space!


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Caz and Andy x

Week 62 – Site Progress! Plus floor lights..

Well, week 62 was a pretty quiet one. Just a little bit of plasterboard..nothing too exciting! This needed doing before the actual plastering as some thinner pieces were required in places…

It is exciting though, having a little bit of plasterboard don’t you think!

Plus woodwork up high to roof level ready for the plasterboards! And also some door frames…

And we also had a delivery of some of the floor lights, and these will be in front of the fireplace, as well as in the hallway and the open plan kitchen. I’m so looking forward to the different light options…as I have probably said numerous times!

The insulation also arrived this week…something we will be helping with once we’ve checked thicknesses with Harold!

2 different thicknesses were delivered (100mm and 200mm) and we’re not sure where each thickness would actually go..watch this space! We’ll be experts by next week! Ha!

And that’s its for week 62, we will be much busier next week! Insulation and underfloor heating as well as removing salt from the brick fireplace and exposed brick!

Stay tuned….


Caz and Andy x

Week 61 – Site Progress! First fix done plus twinkly lights…

Another milestone this week, the first fix electrics are complete and we can now focus on insulation soon, hopefully week 62!

Building control paid site a visit on Wednesday and they are happy with everything so we are good to go when it comes to covering the walls and floors

And our very pretty twinkly LEDs arrived….I love these! And they will look fabulous in the cinema room don’t you think?

They look like a piece of jewellery…

And the splay of light they display is gorgeous, I think I prefer these to the really tiny numerous twinkle lights that were another option but wouldn’t have been as easy to do….

Plus I couldn’t resist buying a chalkboard so that we can make a weekly list, now we are edging closer to really cracking on with the interiors!

And Harold the builder has been doing more woodwork upto roof height in anticipation of the plasterboarding

Plus the shower trays can now be placed in situ ready for the next stages such as insulation, underfloor heating and screed

Andy’s ensuite

It is strange having a finished item in place! And these trays are stone too…very heavy!

Guest ensuite

And the door installer sent a pic of the front door! Very excited to see it! Ideally it needs to be installed before the plastering is finished, so a little way off yet…

THE front door!

And that’s it for another week! Not sure when the insulation will arrive so we can crack on with that but we shall see…watch this space!


Caz and Andy x

Outdoor lights…

Something that we felt was a must when it came to the planning stages of the build, and the lighting design. And we have decided to go with up/down lights. The splay of light with these works so well in different spaces, and we will have them either side of the front door, as well as something similar at the back of the house too..

And now it is almost time to actually purchase them! Luckily the lead times are okay too, and there is no immediate hurry but it’s always fun light shopping!

Excusing the building site and makeshift drainage at present, the wiring is now in place for the up/down lights!

And the front door isn’t too far away either..it exists now at least ha! But it can’t really be installed until the plastering has begun and the windows on either side can be fitted to the new door frame

Here she is, ready to go! Inchyra blue…our favourite colour!

And as we are going for antique brass “door furniture” it was clear that we needed to go with the same finish when it came to the lights…

Solihull lighting

I love this one, and it’ll tie in so well with the front facade

And now just to decide on the lights at the back of the house…

We will probably go with something along these lines to flow with the front…

…but we did order this one too so we have still yet to decide!

Watch this space for more updates…


Caz and Andy x

Week 60 – Site Progress! First fix is almost finished plus window cills and using the bifolds..

Another week and the first fix is just about done…honestly ha! The waste pipes are now in but the plumber is missing a few bits and so hopefully he will be back in week 61….

Waste pipe

Plus Harold has been busy with bay window cills and has almost finished the roof tiles too..just ridge tiles to go!

And we had a visit from this guy…he actually walked into the house! I wonder if the peacocks will sneak in when we actually live hear! The cheeky monkey!

I’m also loving these paint colours for the guest bedroom…obviously Farrow and Ball and should work well together!

We were also going to use some brick acid to remove salt from the exposed brick in the house buuuttt we were a little hungover so it’s probably a job for next weekend!!

There isn’t a great deal comparatively speaking, it was worse, but as it isn’t open to the wind and rain it needs a little elbow grease to remove!

And Eddie the electrician has almost finished the first fix, as you can see, we have exterior wiring and he is back on Monday to finish off!

We also moved the makeshift doggy gate so we can use the bifolds…Lola likes it anyway!

And that’s it for another week…building regs are paying a visit next week to sign off before we can move onto the insulation and screed etc.!


Caz and Andy x

Week 59 – Site Progress! Plus lowlights and an antique brass tap..

Another week and the bay window tiles are almost done! Just ridge tiles and some leadwork to do on the second bay window then we are good to go!

Looking good…

Plus Eddie has been, and is almost there with the first fix electrics..all socket boxes, and kitchen/utility wiring done now and week 60 will be the last of the downstairs lights. Eek!


Also how many decisions need to be made before first fix! Wow! I mean, it totally makes sense because it’s essentially all your wiring and plumbing so it’s a good job we are organised ha! Such as where the hob’s going…utility layout etc.! As I’ve said before though, it puts us in a great place for second fix..

Tiki bar

And I have a whole lot of wires in my dressing room/ensuite…lots of lowlights, downlights…central lights! Plus I’m going with some sort of central unit in here too so decided it would be best to have electrical options in case I decide to go with draw lights..

And another tap delivery, this one is for the downstairs toilet, in antique brass. It’ll work well with the peacock vibe we are going for in there!

Wall mounted antique brass basin tap

The weather has been amazing this week too and so we gave the front a little tidy and got some nice shots with the safety fence down…isn’t she looking pretty, aside from the scaffolding!

And that’s it for another week…the plumber should be back in week 60 to finish off the first fix plumbing as we now have waste pipe…finally! And we should be able to insulate and move onto the screed…watch this space!


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Caz and Andy x

Week 58 – Site Progress! Plus “fiddly” lights and brick slips..

Lots going on this week! Eddie the electrician has been on site for most of it, finishing off the upstairs wiring and thermostats. The cinema room certainly took some doing…as you can see…

Lots of twinkly LEDs to go in here, and doing this now will make the second fix much easier!

And next week Eddie will crack on with wiring downstairs and should hopefully finish off the first fix, yay!

Plus plumbing first fix is underway, and Andy’s drilling was spot on apparently. He’s very happy!

And we couldn’t resist trying out the taps in their soon to be places! Shouldn’t be too long now

Lots of pipes and holes…

Annndddd Harold has made a start on the bay windows eeekkk! I’ve been eagerly awaiting this…

So far so good, and it’s great to see the facade coming together! It’ll be so exciting when the safety fence comes down too, it’ll feel much more like a home then don’t ya think!

Also, more samples! Andy’s decided to go with brick slips on two walls of his ensuite…watch this space for a more detailed blog post!

This one is the current fave….

And more, what we have come to call “fiddly” lights arrived this week, and these Borgo ones are lower wall lights….

Using Lola for scale ha! They are pretty small..

These will be in my dressing room and ensuite eek! Can’t wait.

One last thing…the plasterer (whom will also be doing the screed) came to price up this week. They should be available pretty quickly too which is great!

And that’s it for another week! Hopefully we can get some good pics of the front of the house next week when the bay windows have been finished and possibly first fix complete!


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Caz and Andy x

Week 57 – Site Progress..we have wires! Plus door casings,and great finds!

Busy week this week, Eddie the electrician…official name ha (!) has been on site most of the week and has pretty much done all the first fix electrics upstairs

Wires..wires everywhere! And lots of them in the cinema room…we will be having twinkly LED spotlights in here…

As you can see, very sparkly and we’ve just ordered from here

Improvisation..using a headboard for wall light positioning!

And a top tip! If you are thinking of, or in the process of self building make sure you’re organised when it comes to lighting, before first fix. Luckily we had already purchased all our lights or at least had an idea of dimensions and had a fab light plan as well from Luxplan

Eddie had so many questions with regards to where to wire, and positioning. It makes life so much easier if you know light sizes and where you want them..plus have a good think about circuits and light switches too. How many circuits to what switches etc. It can be pretty mind blowing!

Sidenote..we are thinking of going with smart switches but we’ll go into more detail in a separate blog post! Watch this space…

Plus Harold has been too…we actually had a day in which both him and Eddie were here, it really felt like it was all go ha!

And he has been busy doing door casings, he just needs to do some more stud wall related jobs and then we should be ready for screed once Eddie has finished and the first fix plumbing is done

Plus we found some fab midcentury chairs on ebay, love these and should work well in the open plan kitchen/diner…

Trying them out obvs

And that’s it for another week! Eddie is back on Monday to crack on with wiring downstairs and hopefully we can get the first fix plumbing sorted. We’ve just been waiting on some fittings, as there has been stock issues but to be expected in these crazy times hey!

Plus Brinno time…


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Caz and Andy x

Acoustic panelling..

As we are underway with the stud walls, and rooms are starting to take shape, we can give a little more thought to the hidden door in the tiki bar!

If you have seen on our Instagram, we will be having a coat cupboard in this room,and as it is just off from the hallway and entrance, it should work well…

We love the look of this acoustic panelling, and think it will work great as an hidden door to the cupboard. This should tie in nicely with our tiki bar theme!

Plus we are going with a dark blue on the rest of the walls and ceiling eek cannot wait to do this!

This wall….

Watch this space for another DIY project, it’s a little way off yet but I’m hopeful it is something we can do ourselves


Caz and Andy x

Week 56 – Site Progress..first fix electrics and more stud walls

More progress this week! Andy has been assigned some plumbing tasks and so he made a start on those…cue plumbing related items laid out all pretty in the house ha ha!

And he invested in a new drill, and special drill bit making drilling the plumbing holes much easier!

Needless to say he’s very happy with this one Einhell drill and drill bit More info in the youtube below…

Plus Eddie, the electrician made a start this week! And we have back boxes for sockets, thermostats and light switches yay! And I thought we were organised with regards to lighting…until we realised how difficult it is to decide which circuits to go with which switches! Especially in open plan areas. Wow! Blows your mind ha! But we got there in the end

And Harold, the builder has been cracking on with the stud walls!

This one is on the landing, for Andy’s dressing room. And, as we’ve mentioned before, will stop short of the full roof height to create some interest and show off the roof line

And Harold has done the door casing too now…

And the guest ensuite as well…

Plus this one divides my ensuite and dressing room…and will have a secret mirror door!

Also we needed to decide how big to make a coat cupboard in the tiki bar, cue me pretending to be a coat ha ha! To which Harold pointed out that it simply needed to be the depth of a wardrobe…that works too!

And you’ve guessed it, there will be another hidden door using acoustic panelling, watch this space for a blog inspo post!

Week 57 should see the last of the first fix electrics and Harold is going to contact the plasterer screeder to arrange screed and plastering eek!!


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Caz and Andy x