Week 18 – Site Progress!

It was so refreshing to have movement on site again and less fixation on scaffolding! Week 18 saw block and brickwork at first floor level and some stone heads at the back of the house. So very pleased we have gone with the Portland Stone! It looks fabulous!

Week 19 will see more brickwork around the garage and the front and side of the house then we will be ready for the scaffolding to move up again eek!

Joists for the roof will also be ordered soon…so exciting!

Week 18 timelapse!!


Gifted http://brinno.com/time-lapse-camera/TLC2020

Plus latest YouTube…..


Caz and Andy x

Week 17 – Site Progress!

Well…we were expecting the rest of the scaffolding on Monday so that brickwork could continue however they didn’t turn up until Thursday and so we lost another week of brickwork! But onwards and upwards as they say, blockwork will continue in week 18 up to first floor yay!! And we can now see just how close the scaffolding is to the house…luckily being short pays off…

Andy spent some time on the weekend moving more blocks and bricks onto the scaffolding to save some time

We also received the stone heads, however they sent the wrong stone. We actually ordered grey but Portland Stone was sent by mistake. Obviously this would have caused delays, however after a little playing around with photoshop to visualise the colour differences, we actually prefer the lighter option so it has worked out well!

Every cloud…

And we had delivery of a sliding door, to check out the quality..but that’s for another blog post! Watch this space

Check out our timelapse footage, brinno tlc2020 gifted




Caz and Andy x

Brinno TLC2020 Time-lapse Review!

Before our self build began we knew that one of our definite purchases would be a timelapse camera. What better way to track progress and essentially look back on your journey in years to come!

After a recommendation on Instagram we decided to go with the Brinno TLC200pro. We found the setup to be pretty straight forward and decided to go with 1 photo every 10 seconds. This camera is HDR and is powered using AA batteries


Recently, however we have become Brinno influencers and have kindly been gifted the Brinno TLC2020 camera to try out. We have been using this for the last 6 weeks now. It is full HD 1080p and the footage definitely looks more detailed and clearer!


Check out our latest YouTube video with a little more detail and a miserable looking Lola!! Together with some footage of both cameras, let us know in the comments your thoughts!


Caz and Andy x

Week 16 – Site Progress!

Well..what can I say..it has been a VERY quiet week on site! We have been waiting for scaffolding alllllllll week, and so the brickies haven’t been able to continue to first floor. Very frustrating. Added to the fact that we kept being told that they were coming. Oh well! It came on Friday and needless to say we were very excited!

Can I add though, that one of the negatives of living on site is that when there is little progress you literally are reminded of this everyday which can be frustrating. But onwards and upwards now…Next week will be much more productive!! We will have brickwork at first floor level AND our stone heads and cills are being delivered!

Check out our timelapse footage here of the scaffolding so far..camera gifted by Brinno tlc2020



Caz and Andy x

Week 15 – Site Progress!

There hasn’t been a great deal going on this week, as we are waiting for the scaffolding…Still waiting as I write this! And so the brickies have been able to pretty much complete the bay windows brickwork and are now up to first floor height!

Fingers crossed the scaffolding will arrive early next week so that they can get cracking with the first floor!

We have also been thinking about the glass and requesting quotes this week. We need to achieve a u/value of 1.2 which is pretty low for a new build and so its probably best to make these decisions sooner rather than later

Eximiaglazing.co.uk kindly left a sample of their aluclad system for us to look at. This is a timber frame with aluminium on the outside, however we are also quite taken by the flush uPVC available…we will do a more detailed post once we’ve done a little more research and made some decisions!

Check out our Instagram post though with other people’s comments and suggestions! We do love Instagram for this, it definitely is helping us along the way with our decisions

It’s timelapse again….the time really does fly! Camera gifted from Brinno, the tlc2020 camera

And don’t forget to check out our latest YouTube vlog….


Caz and Andy x

Ode to the peacocks..

If you have read any of our blog posts or seen our Instagram you will know that there are lots of peacocks wandering around our village. It is famous for them in our town! And so its only right that we have a peacock room in our new house right?!

They have been moulting recently..

And so we are thinking we will go all out with our downstairs toilet and have a real ode to the peacocks! Peacock wallpaper, maybe even a gold ceiling??

We do like this wallpaper from worldofwallpaper


And love this bottle opener gifted to us for Christmas

Golds could work well with a parquet floor too..cue pinterest binge!

And as it is the downstairs toilet, guests will ultimately see it more so than if we did this in a spare room which I really like! Plus I love the little accessories available…

Another ode will be the front door knocker too…how cute are these from etsy!!

Watch this space for the final look when we get to the interiors!


Caz and Andy x

Week 14 – Site Progress!

Another busy week apart from some rain…standard British weather! We now have steel though eek! Very exciting.

Check out the mechanism to put the steel in place! That looked like it really took some leverage and energy!

Plus a wood delivery!

Lots of joists are in place now…check out our view from the current house…

And more brickwork too….cue weekly timelapse footage!

The camera is gifted from Brinno https://www.brinno.com/@Test/time-lapse-camera/TLC2020

Week 15 should see the bay windows take shape, and the scaffolding should be arriving by Friday woop!


Caz and Andy x

Giveaway Alert!

We are blown away by the renders @envisionhomedesigns have very kindly gifted to us, using our 2D plans. Sunset render above…love! https://www.instagram.com/envisionhomedesigns/

Such a fabulous way to really visualise your project! And so lifelike!

If you would like to be in with a chance to win the same front fa├žade for your project check out our giveaway post on our Instagram feed! /https://www.instagram.com/p/CEeRDyAn4oC/

Plus check out some of their work….

Good luck!!


Caz and Andy x

Week 13 – Site progress!

More blockwork this week with internal walls and actual doorways! Eek! Plus the fireplace has been finished as well, and it is beautiful. As we have no doubt mentioned numerous times!

We are leaving it exactly like this, no painting of the concrete lintel. It looks so good as is!

Plus the peacocks decided to pay site a visit on Sunday…and as you can see we have proper doorways!

Next week we may have scaffolding…watch this space! AND steel delivery on Tuesday

Timelapse!!! We love these progress videos…..gifted by Brinno tlc2020


Caz and Andy x

Stone cill samples..decision made! Finally..

So we had originally decided to go with Portland stone for our stone cills and heads, but I’m not going to lie…I think it may have been because the architect had written this stone on the plans, and we didn’t really give it alot of thought! Needless to say we decided to bite the bullet and get some samples because it was a nightmare finding any good examples of the options online! And thought it may be helpful to others to share some photos!

As you can see above they can vary! The portland stone is the third one from the bottom and it is probably whiter than we would want to go with

Very luckily we’ve been able to try the samples against our bricks, always a bonus living on site!

We managed to narrow it down to these two above…left to right “Bath” and “Grey”…not an easy name to forget! Ha!

And we are going with the grey! It looks fab against the bricks and the soon to be anthracite grey windows plus its something a little different to the usual creams!

Here are all of them if it helps anyone, and we’ve also popped our YouTube video below to give a little more detail

And this is them wet, because inevitably they will get wet..it does rain in Britain…go figure!


Caz and Andy x