We made a concrete sink!

I’m not going to lie….I was pretty excited when it actually worked! Spoiler alert ha!

Both myself and Andy love a bit of concrete. It’s so versatile and looks great when textured or smooth.

If you haven’t seen our Instagram, our stairs are actually concrete too and we’re going to show it off together with wood treads and a black metal balustrade

And so we decided to experiment with a concrete sink DIY project! I really like the blush concrete look…similar to this but maybe a little more textured…

And, having googled, I came across some coloured dry pigments

This one from Hemway is called “metallic tangerine orange”…okay it sounds a little out there but I figured something peachy could come out of this! And so we had a little practice first, using cement, powder pigment and water..

Tried a little hot pink too..

Literally mixing the three together, and these cactus silicone moulds from Lidl worked a treat to experiment! The concrete just popped straight out of them

Check out our DIY projects highlight on instagram for a step by step guide. The colour definitely came through and was pretty understated, not too orange at all!

So next up…a sink! And firstly the mould…

So after watching some youtube videos we realised the best way to make the sink is upside down, after a bit of thinking we worked out what we needed… a circular base circa 35cm across, some flexible plastic to form the edge, a bowl slightly smaller than the base and a sink trap. We luckily had an old stool which was perfect for the base, we had some plastic roll in the garage and got a bowl with flat edges from B&M. Screwing it all together and using silicone seal in all the joints we made it water tight.

We then mixed 4 spades of cement with 4 spades of sand including 50g of the orange pigment, and mixed with water until it was a smooth like consistency. Pretty much like making a cake!

Once well mixed, next up, pouring into the level mould and I can’t believe this but we made pretty much exactly the right amount!

At this stage it is important to knock out as many bubbles as you can, (we used a mallet), if you would prefer a smoother finish. In our case we quite like the different textures so we didn’t go too crazy with the bashing!

And now it’s time to leave for around 48 hours to give it chance to dry. Have patience ha! After which the perspex can then be removed and the mould! This is the most satisfying part by far…well it was for us anyway!

We then decided to leave the sink to, again, dry out, for a few days.

And here we are! A little in love with the look, very pleased

And lastly a sand and a seal. We sanded under the sink to give a smooth finish and a little round the rim

We used a water sealer however I have ordered a concrete sealer that should protect against anything acidic too…prosecco etc.!

What do you think to the samples inspo! So excited when the ensuite eventually comes to life!

Check out our YouTube for a step by step….


Caz and Andy x

Week 44 – Site Progress plus more lights!

Not a whole lot going on this week, we were hopeful that the garage door would be fitted but that wasn’t to be….well not entirely anyway! The fitters set it up however the company had measured incorrectly by around 300mm and so either the whole door will need to be made again or another panel will be required…we shall see!

Beforehand Andy insulated the external wall…

We have decided to go with a sectional remote control door and thought it would be wise to use a company that would both provide and install the door. And I’m glad we did now, due to the issues!

The trials and tribulations of self building…

On the plus side I love the colour! Ral 5020 ocean blue….however it looks so different on camera…its much more of a greeny blue in reality!

Ral 5020…

And we had more light deliveries. I’m in love with this one! So beautiful, I think I’ll have to get another one for my dressing room

And this one is pretty cool too, we are thinking of using two of these in a V shape above the bed in the spare room

And we’ve ordered smaller versions too, potentially for one of the ensuites

So that’s it for another week…Still no word from the window fitter but it shouldn’t be too long now fingers crossed! And watch out for our concrete sink project, we are practising as we speak!

Brinno time!


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Plus YouTube….


Caz and Andy x

Week 42 and 43 – Site Progress!

Another two weeks have gone by, and it shouldn’t be long now until we are water tight eek! Not alot to report in week 42, just the porch tiles and a bit of woodwork on the garage…

Plus a site tidy, well the front half of the house, lots of sweeping up so that we don’t need to do it when the windows are in!

And more lights! I love this one, a definite peacock vibe don’t ya think!

And in week 43 the roofers came back and leaded the porch, as well as tiling the garage roof yay!

She’s definitely looking like a house now

Plus love this detailing above the garage, we could have used plastic but I think this looks much better!

And then, a miracle happened…the scaffolders turned up just one day after we asked them to come and took the last of the scaffolding down! Could not believe it ha! So no more scaffolding yay. And now we can give it a good old tidy….

And the back of house looks so much better after clearing all the wood and giving it a good sweep!

The garage door is being installed week 44 and we may even have the windows installed…watch this space!

Plus if you have seen our Instagram, we are going to attempt to make a blush or peach concrete basin for my ensuite…watch out for a blog post with more details!

Experimenting with cement dye….

Silicone moulds for the concrete work a treat!

Anyway…Brinno time!


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Week 42
Week 43

Plus YouTube updates…


Caz and Andy x

Formed concrete and brick planters….landscaping ideas so far!

As we are edging ever closer to the interiors, it’s time we gave a little thought to the outside! There’s no doubt it will be a work in progress, especially when it comes to the back garden as the current house will need to be demolished first!

If you haven’t seen our Instagram before we are luckily able to live on site while our house is being built, in a small cottage set at the back of the plot. Once the house is finished and we are all moved in, the cottage will come down and we can make a back garden from scratch!

For now though, some thoughts and ideas…

Formed concrete. I love love love it! The textures and the woodgrain effect, that can be achieved by using wood boards. We were thinking of using this as our wall at the front and side of the house, maybe even engraving the house number as everyone confuses our house with one on another street, as it is positioned differently!

And either adding some greenery next to the wall, in the front garden or even creating a planter type wall but we’re not sure just yet how that would work!

Either way, it’s one of our first thoughts for the front garden and something that we will attempt ourselves…watch this space!

Plus these concrete planters look like a cool idea too! Something to think about…

And then we have brick planter ideas for the back garden…as our current house is a cottage and it will be demolished, it would be really nice to use some of the bricks and keep a little bit of history don’t ya think!

This is my absolute fave inspo, I love these planters and just the whole look of this garden, I’ve been a little undecided about gravel and whether to use it and where but pebbles or maybe some cotswold chippings could work well, together with pavers…

And we are actually going to have an outdoor/in type barbecue area, that flows from the kitchen, and we could zone this using planters, maybe even grow some herbs!!

Lots more ideas to come no doubt but for now, the brick planters and formed concrete are definites!


Caz and Andy x

Window dressings…

Oh…my….goodness…! There are so many of them, how have I never noticed this before ha ha!

And yes, it may be a little early to be making these kind of decisions, however there is good reason. We were unsure as to whether our choices might determine how the rooms are plasterboarded, given that there are, for example, recessed blinds as an option. But we have realised that the only types we like would need to disappear into the wall above the window frame, something that we can’t achieve as they are solid walls. And the recessed ceiling blinds above the window frame aren’t really my bag, I personally prefer them to look a little more fitted

Plus most electric blinds are battery powered and so this won’t have an impact on the electrics, something we didn’t realise

And that is where we are! Watching numerous YouTube videos along with pinterest binges (obviously) but, at least now, we don’t need to decide just yet until we are running full pelt into interiors yay!

But I thought I would share some thoughts, and feel free to comment…

A little in love with these painted shutters for our bay windows…of which we have two, and we are going for blues and pops of vibrant colours in these rooms so I think it could really work

I quite like the idea of roman blinds in the bedrooms and my dressing room, maybe with curtains too. They look pretty stylish, plus we can decide when the rooms are finished which is always a good thing!

Love this style against the dark walls! This might be our guest bedroom inspo!

Also day and night blinds! I’d not heard of these before. If you haven’t they are essentially two layers of fabric which glide over each other, and allow you to have control of how much light you want to enter the room

These would work really well on bifolds and any glass that you would want to show off, as when you’re not using the blinds they roll away into a box and remote control is an option too

We think we’ll use the day and nights blinds in this way, as we’d like to show off the glass at the back of the house!

Plus roller blinds or black out blinds in the cinema room obviously!

Just to add, as well, (so far at least) we have decided against typical blinds, downstairs anyway, because of the points above, and as they are generally “seen” to some extent, we don’t want the glass at the back of the house to always have a little bit of blind covering them up..they might make an appearance upstairs though!

Any comments welcome!


Caz and Andy x

Week 41 – Site Progress! Plus more light deliveries and front door changes

Another week has gone by and saw the roof trusses go up ready for the porch tiles

Andy set up the scaffolding ready…luckily we didn’t have to wait for the scaffolders to do this ha ha!

Thankfully the salt has started to wash off the bricks..phew! It looks here as though they’ve been spray painted but it won’t be long before they are back to their beautiful selves. In fact a lot of it has washed off already…I never thought I’d be hoping for rain!!

And so we are now ready for the tiles to go up, the windows and doors should be here in the next couple of weeks so this should be happening imminently! Watch this space..

Plus we have had more light deliveries this week. This little beauty could work well as a lower light…maybe on the wall behind the stairs

Andy also loves these up/down lights. Super simple and create a good amount of light, we are just undecided where to have them!

And this one, again another up/down light and might be the one that we go for in the hallway and perhaps a white version on the landing

Definitely going with this one high up in the vaulted areas on the landing, the simple design won’t detract from the cool double height

And this in the open plan kitchen, and maybe again, a white version in the double height area of the hallway

Check out our Instagram story highlights for positioning ideas and close ups!

Did I mention I ordered a dungarees too ha! As I will be doing all the painting I may as well look a little stylish!!

We also had to use another company for our front door and have decided to go for something a little different. Very much like the above with a kensington glass. If you haven’t heard of this, it is basically obscured glass with a clear border

Plus the company we are using Entranceway have a really cool online tool which allows you to try out different styles by uploading a photo of your house. This really helped us to visualise! And they colour match to pretty much any colour! Game changer! We can now go with our fave…inchyra blue from farrow and ball eek!

Brinno timelapse..


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Caz and Andy x

Week 39 and 40 – Site Progress!

Not a whole lot to report, simply because the windows and doors won’t be arriving for another month or so, which means there is no rush really!

The garage roof trusses are up, and we ordered our garage door too eek! I didn’t realise I’d get excited over a garage door…and I don’t think Andy did either ha!

We decided to go with a sectional, remote control roller door in ocean blue…I’m hopeful that the colour isn’t too crazy ha! But what is life without a little risk. And the garage door is at the back of the house, as the driveway is at the side, and so I think it will look pretty cool, having a pop of colour!

If you had seen on instagram, we were undecided as to whether to go for a wicket door as part of the garage door..simply because I felt it might be more functional given that the garage is linked to the utility, and we will use it when walking the dogs. But after much deliberation, I have come to the realisation that it would actually be much easier to have a remote controlled roller door! And 2k cheaper!

Sectional garage door with wicket door..
Sectional roller remote in medium rib

So that’s another decision made! Also we have taken the porch down as it is in the way for the bifolds install…it took a little bit of maneuvering to fit the front door to the cottage rather than the porch but we got there! And we spent the best part of Sunday taking it down, definitely earned a KFC after that ha!

It’s really opened up the space, the bifold opening looks huge now!

And that’s another couple of weeks gone by, week 41 should see the woodwork for the new porch so that the garage roof and porch can be tiled! And numerous light deliveries too, as we’ve been on it with the light shopping online!

Brinno timelapse….


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Week 39
Week 40

Plus YouTube….

Selfbuild Week 39/40 | The garage roof trusses are up! | Plus demolition Sundays and decisions! – YouTube


Caz and Andy x

Kitchen island light?

If you have read some of our previous posts, you will know that we decided to go with a lighting designer…check it out here

And one of the suggestions was to go with something quite simple above the kitchen island…side note in light of this (excuse the pun!) we are going a little crazy above the dining table to balance things out ha watch this space!

As you can see below, the kitchen/diner is very much open plan and so we are keen to get the balance of light just right

Ground floor light design…

And so, we have reigned in on the kitchen island lighting, avoided pendant lights and gone with this little beauty…

As you can see, very simple…

Andy is a little in love with it…he loves sleek simple lighting!

And it should look good against the concrete worktops and the inchyra blue kitchen cupboards plus the black tap..

So sleek!! What do you think? We actually saw something similar on Grand Designs and it looked cool. More than anything we are trying to always look at the bigger picture and as we are going a little extravagant with the dining table light this should work really well


Caz and Andy x

Peacock mural plus a hidden door…

As we are getting ever closer to the interiors, we have been giving a little more thought to our bedroom. Having already decided on colours, namely pale greens and pinks, we had been toying with the idea of a feature wall but perhaps one in the shape of a mural

As you can imagine, something peacock related came to mind! And after a little research, we came across this one from Photowall and what can I say.. I love it! It pretty much looks like a piece of art, and would tie in well with our pale colours but also our parquet wood floor

What do you think? It is pretty much wallpaper essentially and strangely, having decided on this, something very similar was used on Interior Design Masters (if you watch this) in a hotel bedroom and it looked so pretty!

And so, it will go on this wall in the bedroom shown below…and yes…you’ve guessed it…there is an opening in this wall. And we have had a crazy idea that we create a hidden swivel door here leading to Andy’s dressing room!

Something along the lines of the below…

The size of the opening should work really well for creating something like this. Also, sidenote…watch out for the numerous videos we will no doubt make when we try to do this! And the pinterest inspo below has helped too

As you can see there are some cool ways of creating something similar, but we will definitely go with the swivel idea, and I can’t wait to try it with the mural…fingers crossed we won’t mess it up!

Stay tuned! Ha!


Caz and Andy x

Week 37 and 38 – Site Progress!

Another two weeks have gone by, and wow the time really does fly! Although there hasn’t been much to report from week 37, there has been more progress in week 38 luckily.  Week 37 saw some of the scaffolding come down though yay! which was exciting in itself and a great milestone! I’m pretty sure the scaffolders thought they would tease us however, and just take a little down! But it was a Saturday morning so we’ll let them off ha! And they did set up the garage scaffolding as well so that the brickies Dan and Dave could come back and finish the brickwork and stone heads…

Looking good…

And so that was week 38, and now the garage is ready for the roof trusses which arrived this week as well and we spent our lunch break on Thursday moving them to the garage…took a little maneuvering but they are good to go! Harold actually came and set up the first couple and he should be back week 39 to finish off.

Plus another miracle…at the end of week 38 the rest of the scaffolding came down eek! We actually heard them at around half 7 in the morning on the Saturday, not that we’re complaining obviously! It’s so good to see the house properly, she’s so pretty..and it feels a little less like a site now

Plus the glass and doors have now been ordered, and we should hopefully have them by mid April. We just need to get the garage measured up for a door, potentially a roller sectional one with a wicket door as it links to the utility. AND we will need to take down the porch on the cottage so that the bifolds can be fitted…

As you can see it’s a little tight! And Andy can’t wait to get the hammer out and take it down! Any excuse for a little demolition

Brinno timelapse!


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Caz and Andy x