Kitchen plans…

Very excited to have a kitchen design on paper,and it looks fabulous! Always a bonus! Originally we were going to go with something super modern, with an industrial twist. Handleless, with Copper and Slate cupboard doors but after lots of consideration we felt that we probably would want to change it in a few years, and as our ideas for the rest of the house has evolved, I don’t think it would tie in and I sound like an interior designer yet ha ha!!?

One of my friends mentioned the shaker kitchens, and I have to confess, I’d not even heard of this before and then realised they were the kitchens ALL over instagram. Now we aren’t usually ones for following the herd, but I do love this essentially timeless look. And it goes so well with just about any style!

Chelford doors in navy
Cup handles in pewter

We decided to book an appointment with Howdens…one of their sale reps had actually done a couple of off chance opportunity visits to our site, to see if we were in need of a kitchen given a house is being built in front of our cottage! He left us a catalogue, and after having a nosy I really liked their shaker options!

The kitchen designer, Debs gave us some expert advice, and really made the design come to life, and added in little details like the crittal doors and the same style sofas we will have to the 3D. I was especially excited to see how the open plan could work for us and that our Chesterfield sofas could work well in the space

And we have decided to go with an island rather than a peninsular. (If you aren’t aware a peninsular is similar to an island but attached to a wall at one end.) Apparently a peninsular is more of a compromise if you can’t fit in an island, and as we can we are going to go with this.

We have decided to go with the Chelford as it has a smooth finish rather than woodgrain, just a personal preference..we like the super simple look! And the pewter handles because they will look good against the concrete worktops and give that modern industrial edge

Our own little design booklet

Make sure you check out our Instagram for our cool 3D pics over 3 posts on our grid…Needless to say Andy is very happy with his creative skills!

And worktops, flooring and backsplash etc.?

Poured concrete worktops and waterfall island…doesn’t it look good against the shaker style! AND crittall doors….love pinterest inspo!

And a parquet floor…again looks amazing here!

Plus some herringbone backsplash tiles..

Plus the finishing touches like black metal and chunky wood shelves but that’s for another inspo post!


Caz and Andy x

Week 21 – Site Progress!

Very busy week on site, lots of brickwork at the front and the sides of the house. There is now just the back to do then onto the internal blockwork upstairs!

Andy’s been moving blocks to the scaffolding height every evening and this weekend whilst I’ve given the site a tidy, its already looking like a house! Ha. Quite therapeutic!

Plus we have made decisions regarding the glass finally. One of the brickies Dave, recommended an installer and he actually orders the glass as well which will make things so much easier. Randomly he has fitted some flush casement Upvc anthracite grey windows around the corner from our house so we went and had a nosy……

Really love the flush casement, we just wouldn’t have as much frame and would also go with aluminium bifolds.

Look out for a blog post once we get the final quote with our decisions and thoughts…

Check out our week 21 brinno timelapse plus YouTube update!



Caz and Andy x

The stairs are ordered!

So excited! It really feels like a big milestone when you are almost ready to have the stairs installed eek. If you haven’t seen our past instagram posts we are going for a precast concrete central staircase. And so the stairs will be made off site and then craned into place

We have now signed off on the drawings and these will be made ready to install towards the end of November/early December. Definitely booking the day off work to watch!

AND we won’t be covering the concrete other than to have some wooden treads. Love love love concrete stairs and have seen some fab examples, it will also work well against a hardwood parquet floor and a black metal balustrade…but that’s for another post!

Something else we wanted to do to make it a little more unique..even though it is pretty out there as staircases go, is to have a bigger first step which would frame the stairs but also can be used for decorative pieces

Yes…we used blocks to visualise obviously

Watch this space for instagram and YouTube when we are at the install stage as well as the finished look!!


Caz and Andy x

Week 20 – Site Progress!

It was all go on Tuesday this week, the scaffolding guys turned up first thing and moved all the scaffolding up a level so that the brickies can carry on with the rest of the brickwork at first floor level

Its a little bit too high now for me! I’m not great with heights so I’ll leave the moving of blocks to Andy. He’s very keen to do this so that the brickies can do the brickwork and not have to keep moving blocks and bricks. He will have muscles of steel by the time he’s finished!

By the end of week 20 we had brickwork in the four corners to roof height yay!

The roof is now in the planning process and so fingers crossed we should be at this stage before Christmas! And as we are having precast concrete stairs they can be craned in in the next 4 to 6 weeks

Currently trying to decide on the glass having had some quotes in and samples, watch out for a blog post about our decision and thought process!

Check out our week 20 brinno timelapse plus YouTube update!



Caz and Andy x

Week 19 – Site Progress!

More brickwork this week ready for the scaffolding to be moved up again! The front of the house is really starting to take shape now

All very exciting. Plus we have also been making decisions regarding sliding doors (last blog post) and are pretty much ready to order the stairs yay!

Looking back at the below photo you can really see how far we have come!

Check out our week 19 brinno timelapse plus YouTube update!



Caz and Andy x

Sliding door decisions!

Having had a quote for steel sliding doors coming in at 2.5k each and needing at least 4 we thought we would have a look around and order some cheaper ‘samples’ to make some decisions!

And so we came across this sliding door from Wayfair. Super impressed with this “minter sliding door”. For one it is heavy, which I always feel like is a good sign, aluminium and exactly what we want. Pretty easy to put together too but not so easy to take outside to the new house to get some photos against a backdrop of the exposed brick!

Price wise, it comes in at £469.99 And it does say on the website around 4 weeks for delivery but we were only waiting for two weeks

We will have two sliding doors in the opening below between the living room and kitchen diner..and also on either side of the central staircase in the hallway. So we will need afew more of these and think they are going to look fab against the microcement flooring in the kitchen, but also the parquet wood flooring in the hallway and living room!

Also, we ordered one from vidaxl too, which we do like, however we didn’t realise it was frosted and so we will probably use this one upstairs. The internal frame is also not flush with the outside of the frame, and so it doesn’t look as finished as the Wayfair given that we really like the Crittal look

Price wise this one comes in at £225.99 so substantially cheaper

Left to right vidaxl, wayfair

Check out our YouTube and see what you think of the two…


Caz and Andy x

Week 18 – Site Progress!

It was so refreshing to have movement on site again and less fixation on scaffolding! Week 18 saw block and brickwork at first floor level and some stone heads at the back of the house. So very pleased we have gone with the Portland Stone! It looks fabulous!

Week 19 will see more brickwork around the garage and the front and side of the house then we will be ready for the scaffolding to move up again eek!

Joists for the roof will also be ordered soon…so exciting!

Week 18 timelapse!!


Plus latest YouTube…..


Caz and Andy x

Week 17 – Site Progress!

Well…we were expecting the rest of the scaffolding on Monday so that brickwork could continue however they didn’t turn up until Thursday and so we lost another week of brickwork! But onwards and upwards as they say, blockwork will continue in week 18 up to first floor yay!! And we can now see just how close the scaffolding is to the house…luckily being short pays off…

Andy spent some time on the weekend moving more blocks and bricks onto the scaffolding to save some time

We also received the stone heads, however they sent the wrong stone. We actually ordered grey but Portland Stone was sent by mistake. Obviously this would have caused delays, however after a little playing around with photoshop to visualise the colour differences, we actually prefer the lighter option so it has worked out well!

Every cloud…

And we had delivery of a sliding door, to check out the quality..but that’s for another blog post! Watch this space

Check out our timelapse footage, brinno tlc2020 gifted


Caz and Andy x

Brinno TLC2020 Time-lapse Review!

Before our self build began we knew that one of our definite purchases would be a timelapse camera. What better way to track progress and essentially look back on your journey in years to come!

After a recommendation on Instagram we decided to go with the Brinno TLC200pro. We found the setup to be pretty straight forward and decided to go with 1 photo every 10 seconds. This camera is HDR and is powered using AA batteries

Recently, however we have become Brinno influencers and have kindly been gifted the Brinno TLC2020 camera to try out. We have been using this for the last 6 weeks now. It is full HD 1080p and the footage definitely looks more detailed and clearer!

Check out our latest YouTube video with a little more detail and a miserable looking Lola!! Together with some footage of both cameras, let us know in the comments your thoughts!


Caz and Andy x

Week 16 – Site Progress!

Well..what can I has been a VERY quiet week on site! We have been waiting for scaffolding alllllllll week, and so the brickies haven’t been able to continue to first floor. Very frustrating. Added to the fact that we kept being told that they were coming. Oh well! It came on Friday and needless to say we were very excited!

Can I add though, that one of the negatives of living on site is that when there is little progress you literally are reminded of this everyday which can be frustrating. But onwards and upwards now…Next week will be much more productive!! We will have brickwork at first floor level AND our stone heads and cills are being delivered!

Check out our timelapse footage here of the scaffolding so gifted by Brinno tlc2020


Caz and Andy x